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Comics - 1960s to 1980s
Coins: Proofs, Uncirculated, U.S., Israel
Stamps: Mint sheets, FDCs, Postal history
WWII Patriotic Covers
Magazine Back Issues ~ Many titles
Bibles & Christian Books
Management & Publishing Books
Humor Books - Closeout Prices!
Cartoon Books - Very Cheap!
Diecast Model Cars & Trucks
Vintage Video Games: Atari, Coleco
Phila Computer Music Festival CD
Auto, Truck, Jeep, Tank, Military Books
Military Vehicles Magazine - back issues
Power Tools, Hand Tools, Multimeters
12-in LaserDiscs (Interactive, movies, etc.)
Creative Computing Books - Few Left!
Popular Science & Mechanics, 1930s-70s

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Flag on Pentagon after 9/11 3,031 Flags Honor 9/11 Victims
Where Was God on 9/11?
U.S. Flags Photo Gallery
Salute to the U.S. Military
Good Thoughts from a Veteran
Life and Beer
Ted Nugent Sounds Off
Military Pay Too High?

Nigerina 4-1-9 Scamster
Managing Your Money
Manage Your Money the Biblical Way
Practical Principles of Investing
The Auto Buying Scam - How it works
Counterfeitr Checks and Scam Documents
Another Auto Scam, Start to Finish
Links to Investing Resources

Meet Dave Ahl
Bio from Who's Who in America
Photo albums - people, places, more!
Building a VW-based Dune Buggy
Restoration of a Dodge M37 Truck
Babylon Fields Pilot TV Shoot
Point of View
The New School Prayer
Pray Before Public Events - Yes or No?
Jesus at the Beach - Sand Sculpture
Agnes' Birthday with Tony Campolo
Human Being Recall Notice
Bible Studies & Quizzes         Click for Complete Menu
46 Parables of Jesus
Commands of Jesus
Book of Luke (50 lessons)
Book of James (8 lessons)
Galatians (9 lessons)
Character Traits - Rate Yourself
Resolving Conflicts
Antique & Historic Bibles
Trivia Quizzes

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Law Office Lawyer Jokes & Cartoons
Handyman & DIY Humor - Videos!
Clean Religious Jokes, Stories
Blonde Jokes & Cartoons
Military Jokes & Pics
Senior Jokes & Pics
Types of Farts (with Videos!)
Hilarious Insurance Claims with pics
Meet Herge: Creator of Tintin and Quick & Flupke
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Funny Pics & Videos         Click for Complete Menu
Unbelievable Insurance Claims with Photos (and excuses)
Funny Things Can Happen to Your Photo on the Web
Doggy Disguise How To Make Those Funny Pics
13 Funny Photos & Cartoons
13 More Crazy Pics & Videos
Just Can't Stop 'em Coming
12 Funny Signs
Is This the Vehicle for You?

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