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Books, Comics, and Magazines for Sale at Huge Discounts

Superteam Family comic * Comic Books - 1950s to 1980s:
Selling off a lifetime collection of thousands of comics (DC, Marvel, Charlton, Archie, Dell, underground, etc.). Lots of #1. Heavy in Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Invaders and underground. I have only one of each, so order now!

* Cartoon Books:
Cartoon books from the 50's to the present day. Kliban, Garfield, Herman, Chas Addams, hundreds of titles at deep discounts.

Lots of humor books - CHEAP! * Humor Books:
Dave Barry, Patrick McManus, Christopher Cerf, parodies, hoaxes, jokes, more - all at steep discounts.

* Inspirational, Christian & Self-Help Books, Bibles: New!
A terrific chronological Bible plus books by Chuck Swindoll, Philip Yancy, Josh McDowell, Eric Berne, many more....

* Marketing, Management, Communications, Writing Books. Cheap!
Practical down-to-earth books on effective marketing and communications. I used these books to create three successful small businesses. They really work.

Creative Computing Books almost sold out * Creative Computing Books:
This is the absolute end of Basic Computer Games and the other books from Creative Computing Press. There are very few titles left, so if you want any, order now!

Military (and Other) Vehicles

Military Vehicles Mag * Military Vehicles Magazine Back Issues:
Complete list with contents of all available back issues of Military Vehicles. Discount prices. This is the ONLY source of these back issues.

* Military Manuals on Vehicles & Weapons: New!
Huge quantity of original, current manuals on wheeled and tracked vehicles, radios, weapons, and more. Priced below the cost of inferior reprint manuals.

* Military, Automotive, and Aircraft Books for Sale: New!
These are the last of the books from the huge Military Vehicles magazine library. Most are like new.

Vintage Video Games, Records, Stamps, FDCs, Hardware, Collectibles, Autographs, More . . .

* WWII Patriotic Covers: Fluegel Patriotic Cover
War events, navals, autographs, Pearl Harbor, VE & VJ Day by Fluegel, Crosby, Tiexeira, Linto, etc. Postcards, German stamps and propaganda, atomic bomb covers, UK anniv covers, and 50th anniversary items too.

* CD of Philadelphia Computer Music Festival (1978)
Remastered digital CD now available of this historic concert. Only $7.95 postpaid to any US address.

* Coins: Proofs, Uncirculated, Old
Coins, coin sets, medals, and rolls from large collection of U.S. and Israel coins.

* 45 RPM Records
From the 50's and 60's: Beatles, Platters, Penguins, Monkees, Fats Domino, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley...

Space Shuttle LaserDisc * 12" LaserDiscs (Video Discs):
More than 80 discs, interactive games, movies, music, sci fi, action, mystery, operas, more!

* Video Game Books and Magazines:
Lots of rare books and magazines from the 1980's, the golden era of video gaming. Good stuff, but going fast!

* Stamps, First Day Covers, more.... New!
More than 20,000 stamps: bargain boxes, plate blocks, first day covers, patriotic covers, polar covers, postal history, Souvenir Pages, autographed covers, submarine covers, topicals, space stamps and covers, and much, much more.

* Power Tools, Electrical Multimeters, Automotive Tools.
Top brands of US-made power tools (Milwaukee, DeWalt, etc), test equipment (Fluke, Sun, etc), automotive and other hand tools (Klein, Stanley, etc). Finest brand new tools at a fraction of retail price. These sell very fast!

Screw Boxes * Machine screws: #10 to half-inch.
Huge quantity of high-quality American-made machine screws--brass, steel, and cad plated--from a bankrupt hardware store.

Royal Doulton Bedtime Story HN 2059 * Royal Doulton Figurines:
Mint early figurines at deep discount prices: Adrienne, Afternoon Tea, Autumn Breezes, Betdtime Story, Child from Williamsburg, Cissie, Granny's Heritage, Janice, Top o' the Hill, Valerie.

Sorry, I don't have the rest of this stuff cataloged and listed yet. But eventually you will find:
    ♦ More than 200 Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 games and game systems.
    ♦ Fantastic collection of die cast pickup trucks and wreckers.
    ♦ More than 300 classical and folk records.
Satisfaction Guaranteed     ♦ Huge collection of toy and model robots (1970's and 80's).
    ♦ Autographs of recent presidents, Amelia Earhart, race car drivers, etc.

Dog Running   Still more places to go . . .

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