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On this page you'll find powerful, often surprising images of the American flag -- big flags, small flags, painted flags, lots of flags. Let us all be inspired by the Stars and Stripes and its representation of freedom and democracy!
Freedom isn't free
Support our troops
Proud to be a veteran
Flag on diner in Lufkin, Texas
American flag being painted on the front of Mom's Diner in Lufkin, Texas.

Lowering the flag on at sea
Sailors lower the flag aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Flag on the front lawn, S. Milford, IN
In South Milford, Indiana, John Morris paints a flag on the front lawn of Lori Davis' home
to celebrate a visit from her son, Lance Corporal Chad Davis, USMC.

Univ of Kentucky fans wave flags
At the Univ. of Kentucky football game against the Florida Gators in Lexington, KY,
fans wave flags as they sing "God Bless America."

Above 4 photos from 2002 Glory Calendar - © Workman Publishing, New York

Flag at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
Flag flies at half-mast over memorial service at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Spet. 11, 2002.
1-311 Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82 Airborne Division. Home base: Ft. Bragg, NC

Operation Tarheel Thunder, Ft. Irwin, CA
Spc David Colangelo mans an M-2 machine gun on his M113 during Operation Tarheel Thunder
June 21, 2003, at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, California.

Flag quilt made by Barbara Beckman
Oct. 2001: In Colorado, Barbara Joan Beckman made this quilt flag out of fabric scraps.

Quantico National Cemetary, Virginia
More than 16,000 servicemembers are buried at the Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle, Virginia.

Liberty: Cherish it, protect it, defend it

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