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Now listed: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, XE and XL games and ColecoVision games. Each item is in like new condition (unless otherwise noted). Packaging and postage via USPS Media Mail is a flat $2.00 for the first item and 50¢ for each additional item. I have only one of each title. To make sure you get what you want, you can e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal to (add 75¢ for PayPal commission). Send mail orders with check or M.O. to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960.

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GAME SYSTEMS. I will eventually be listing all of the games systems used for testing by Video & Arcade Games Magazine including Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Bally, Coleco, Vectrex, etc. Watch this page!

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Atari Video Pinball
Atari Video Pinball, 1977, hooks to any TV set. Plays 7 games including flipper pinball, paddle pinball, rebound and breakout. Owner's Manual and 9-v power supply included. SOLD
Entex Turtles Game.
Self-contained Turtles Game, 1982, by Entex. For one or two players, two skill levels. Maneuver the turtle to rescue the turtlettes from the attack beetles. SOLD

Many more game systems to come.

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ATARI 2600 GAMES. I have more than 250 games including some prototypes that were never released and others that are extremely rare. Game cartridges are complete with instruction booklet, but not the box. AND, while they last, with standard size cartridges only you get a FREE leatherette bookshelf game binder (holds 4 cartridges and instruction booklets) with each four games purchased!

Games by Atari
• Adventure, CX2613, $6.00
• Air-Sea Battle (Anti-Aircraft, Torpedo, Shooting Gallery, Polaris, Bomber), CX2602, $6.00
• Asteroids, CX2649, $8.00 (New in box, $10.00)
• Backgammon (and Acey-Deucey), CX2617, SOLD
• Basketball, CX2624, $6.00
• Battlezone, CX2681, (no instructions), $6.00
• Bowling, CX2628, SOLD
• Brain Games (Touch Me, Count Me, Picture Me, Find Me, Add Me, Play Me), CX2664, $6.00
• Breakout (with Breakthru), CX2622, $8.00 (Also see Super Breakout)
• Canyon Bomber (and Sea Bomber), CX2607, $6.00
• Casino (Blackjack, Poker, Poker Solitaire), CX2652, $6.00
• Championship Soccer, CX2616, $6.00
• Circus Atari, CX2630, $6.00
• Codebreaker (and Nim), CX2643, $6.00
• Combat (Tank, Tank-Pong, Invisible Tank, Bi-Plane, Jet Fighter), CX2601, SOLD
• Defender, CX2609, $6.00
• Demons to Diamonds, CX2615, $6.00
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Dodge 'em, CX2637, $6.00
• Flag Capture, CX2644, $6.00
• Football, CX2625, SOLD
• Haunted House, CX2654, $6.00
• Human Cannonball, CX2627, $6.00
• Hunt & Score, CX2642, $6.00
• Indy 500 (Race Cars, Crash n' Score, Tag, Ice Race), CX2611, SOLD
• Maze Craze, CX2635, $6.00
• Minature Golf, CX2626, SOLD
• Missile Command, CX2638, $8.00
• Night Driver, CX2633, $6.00
• Outlaw (Gunslinger, Target Shoot), CX2605, $6.00
• Pac-Man, CX2646, SOLD
• Pigs in Space, (Prototype), SOLD
• Sky Diver, CX2629, $6.00
• Slot Machine, CX2653, $6.00
• Slot Racers, CX2606, $6.00
• Snoopy and the Red Baron, (Prototype), SOLD
• Sorcerer, CX26109, (Photocopy instructions), SOLD
• Space Invaders, CX2632, SOLD
• Star Raiders, CX2660, $10.00
• Street Racer (Slalom, Dodgem, Jet Shooter, Number Cruncher, Scoop Ball), CX2612, $6.00
• Super Breakout, CX2608, $8.00 (new in box $10.00)
• Superman, CX2631, $6.00
• Taz, (Prototype, rough draft instructions), SOLD
• Video Olympics (Pong, Foozpong, Soccer, Hockey, Quadrapong, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball), CX2621, $10.00
• Video Chess, CX2645, SOLD
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Video Pinball, CX2648, $6.00
• Warlords, CX2610, $6.00
• Yar's Revenge, CX2655, $6.00

Games by Activision
• Barnstorming, AX-013, $6.00
• Boxing, AG-002, $6.00
• Checkers, AG-003, $6.00
• Chopper Command, AX-015, $6.00
• Decathlon, AZ-030, $6.00
• Dolphin, AX-025, (prototype) SOLD
• Dragster, AG-001, $6.00
• Fishing Derby, AG-004, $6.00
• Freeway, AG-009, $6.00
• Grand Prix (4 race courses), AX-014, $6.00
• Ice Hockey, AX-012, $6.00
• Kaboom, AG-010, $8.00
• Keystone Kapers, AX-024, (prototype) SOLD
• Laser Blast, AG-008, $6.00
• Megamania (A Space Nightmare), AX-017, SOLD
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Pitfall (Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventures), AX-018, SOLD
• Pressure Cooker, (Prototype, photocopy instructions), SOLD
• River Raid, (New in original box) $10.00
• Robot Tank, AZ-028, $6.00
• Skiing, AG-005, (no instructions) $5.00
• Sky Jinks, AG-019, $6.00
• Spider Fighter, AX-021, $6.00
• Stampede, AG-011, $6.00
• Starmaster, AX-016, $6.00
• Tennis, AG-007, $6.00

Games by Apollo
• Infiltrate, (prototype, no instructions), SOLD
• Lost Luggage, SOLD
• Racquetball, SOLD
• Shark Attack, SOLD
• Skeet Shoot, SOLD
• Space Cavern, SOLD
• Space Chase, SOLD
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge
Games by Avalon Hill
• Out of Control, (no instructions), SOLD
• Shuttle Orbiter, SOLD

Games by CBS Video Games
• Gorf (Astro Battles, Laser Attack, Space Warp, Flag Ship), SOLD
• Mountain King, SOLD
• Omega Race (no instructions), SOLD
• Wizard of Wor, (no instructions) SOLD

Games by Coleco
• Donkey Kong, 78270, SOLD
• Front Line (Taito), SOLD
• Venture, 78087, $8.00

Games by CommaVid
• Cosmic Swarm, CM-003, SOLD
• Room of Doom, CM-004, SOLD
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge
Games by Data Age
• Air Lock, SOLD
• Bermuda Triangle, (no instructions) $5.00
• Bugs, SOLD
• Encounter at L-5, SOLD
• Journey Escape, (no instructions) $5.00
• Sssnake, SOLD
• Warp Lock, SOLD

Games by Fox Video Games
• Beany Bopper, (no instructions) SOLD
• Deadly Duck, SOLD
• Fast Eddie, SOLD
• Porky's, (prototype, rought draft instructions), SOLD
• Worm War I, SOLD

Games by Imagic
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Atlantis, SOLD
• Cosmic Ark, SOLD
• Fire Fighter, SOLD
• Laser Gates, SOLD
• Quick Step, SOLD
• Riddle of the Sphinx (no instructions), SOLD
• Star Voyager (rough draft instructions), $6.00
• Subterranea, SOLD
• Trickshot (rough draft instructions), SOLD

Games by Mattel (M Network)
• Astroblast, $6.00
• Super Challenge Baseball, $6.00
• Lock 'N' Chase, $8.00
• Tron: Deadly Discs, SOLD

Games by Parker Brothers
• Frogger, SOLD
• Popeye, (prototype, rough draft instructions), SOLD
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Spiderman, (no instructions), $5.00
• Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, SOLD

Games by Sears Tele-Games
• Outer Space including Space War, Space Race, Lunar Lander, 99803, $6.00
• Chase (plus Barricade, TV Graffiti), CX, $6.00

Games by Sega
• Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, (Prototype cart, printed instructions), SOLD
• Congo Bongo, (Prototype cart, printed instructions), SOLD

Games by Spectravision
• Gangster Alley, SA-201, SOLD
• Nexar, SA-206, SOLD
• Planet Patrol, SA-202, SOLD

Games by Telesys Fun in Games
Atari 2600 Video Game cartridge • Coconuts, $6.00
• Cosmic Creeps, (photocopy instructions) SOLD

Games by TigerVision
• Jawbreaker, (no instructions) SOLD

Games by US Games (Vidtec)
• Commando Raid, SOLD
• Towering Inferno, $6.00
• Word Zapper, $6.00

Games by Venture Vision
• Rescue Terra I, (no instructions) SOLD

• This is a prototype with no instructions. The typed label is extremely faded, but appears to say "Gopher Attack." Cartridge shell is the same type as used by US Games/Vidtec. SOLD

ATARI 5200 GAMES. I have 37 games, about half have instructions, either printed or typed. NO boxes. All the EPROM prototype games are sold.

Games by Atari
Atari 5200 Video Game cartridge • Battlezone, unrelased game with printed instruction booklet, SOLD
• Centipede, typed instructions, SOLD
• Choplifter, no instructions, SOLD
• Countermeasure, no instructions, $4.00
• Defender, printed instruction booklet, $4.00
• Dig Dug, no instructions, SOLD
• Football, no instructions, $3.00
• Galaxian, no instructions, $3.00
• Kangaroo, printed instruction booklet, $5.00
• Mario Bros, typed instructions, SOLD
• Missile Command, no instructions, $3.00
• Moon Patrol, no instructions, SOLD
• Ms. Pac-Man, no instructions, SOLD
• Pac-Man, printed instruction booklet, $4.00
• Pengo, no instructions, SOLD
• Pole Position, no instructions, SOLD
Atari 5200 Video Game cartridge • Robotron 2084, printed instruction booklet, $8.00
• Soccer, photocopy instructions, SOLD
• Space Dungeon, no instructions, SOLD
• Space Invaders, no instructions, $3.00
• Star Raiders, no instructions, $3.00
• Super Breakout, printed instruction booklet, $4.00
• Vanguard, no instructions, SOLD

Games by Other Manufacturers
• Astrochase, Parker Bros, no instructions, SOLD
• Buck Rogers, Sega, with printed instruction booklet, $8.00
• Congo Bongo, Sega, with printed instruction booklet, $5.00
• Dreadnaught Factor, Activision, no instructions, SOLD
• Keystone Kapers, Activision, no instructions, SOLD
• Pitfall, Activision, no instructions, SOLD
• Super Cobra, Parker Bros, typed instructions, SOLD

ATARI 7800 GAMES. I have only a very few games left, all brand new in the original box with printed instruction booklet.

• Crack'ed, $10.00
• Galaga, SOLD
• Jinks (very early prototype, typed instructions w/editing notes), no box, SOLD
Atari Donkey Kong Jr Game • Ms. Pac-Man, SOLD
• Xevious, $10.00
• Super Skateboardin' by Absolute Entertainment, SOLD

ATARI XE and XL HOME COMPUTER GAMES. I have only a very few games left, all brand new in the original box with printed instruction booklet.

• Asteroids, (also for Atari 400/800), $15.00
• Crime Buster, SOLD
• Crossbow, SOLD
• Donkey Kong Jr., SOLD
• Lode Runner, SOLD
• Oil's Well by Sierra On-Line, SOLD
• Super Breakout (in box), $7.00
• Thunderfox, SOLD

COLECOVISION. Each game includes the cartridge with printed instructions but no box.

Coleco Avenger, Rocky • Baseball, Super Action, SOLD
• Blackjack/Poker, $8.00
• Buck Rogers, SOLD
• Bump 'n' Jump, $8.00
• Carnival, $8.00
• Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park, SOLD
• Cosmic Avenger, $8.00
• Donkey Kong, $8.00
• Donkey Kong Junior, $8.00
• Destructor, $8.00
• The Dukes of Hazzard, $8.00
• Front Line, $8.00
• Mouse Trap, $8.00
• Rocky Super Action Boxing, $8.00
• Slither, $8.00
Coleco Nova Blast, BC Quest for Tires • Smurf: Rescue in Garamel's Castle, $8.00
• Space Panic, $8.00
• Star Trek, SOLD
• Subroc, $8.00
• Time Pilot, $8.00
• Turbo, $8.00
• Venture, $8.00
• Victory, $8.00
• War Games, $8.00
• Zaxxon, $8.00

• Nova Blast by Imagic, $10.00

• B.C.'s Quest for Tires by Sierra On-Line, SOLD



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