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Remastered CD of 1978 Philadelphia Computer Music Festival. Has all 17 original pieces: 51 minutes of vintage computer music. Click on the button to get your CD by First Class mail.

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Philadelphia Computer Music Festival 12-in LP jacket
Philadelphia Computer Music Festival (1978)
The First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival was held August 25, 1978 as part of the Personal Computing 78 show. The Music Festival was organized by Dick Moberg of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society. Steve Levine handled technical matters and the recording of the performances. The 2½-hour concert featured more than 30 musical compositions performed on ten computer music synthesizers. The LP record made of the concert includes 17 of those musical pieces performed on seven different computer synthesizers, representing programming by 11 people. In addition, a 1963 recording of the first computerized speech demonstration by Bell Labs was included on the record. This historic 1978 recording of the Festival is now available on a high-quality remastered digital CD from Dave Ahl. Click on a selection in the gray box below for more details or to listen to a .wav sample from the CD (J.S. Bach: 2-Part Invention in C major played on the ALF Music System).
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