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Jeep, Mutt, MB, GPW, M38, M151, Land Rover, 4x4 Books — Cheap, Deep Discounts
Jeep Jeep Jeep by Yasuo Ohtsuka, Jeep World, softcover, 224 pp. 8½" x 11½" Classic book with 370 b&w photos, most of which have never been seen before. All kinds of Jeeps in service throughout the world. BRAND NEW. Orig list £29.95 ($48), SOLD
Jeep Goes to War
Jeep Goes to War by William Fowler, Courage Books, hardcover, 112 pp. Oversize 9¼" x 12¼" Pictorial and historical survey of the Jeep in action from WWII to the Gulf War. 100+ large photos plus info and specs of many adaptations. BRAND NEW. Out of print, Sale $13.95
All American Wonder-1
All American Wonder-1, by Ray Cowdery, USM, softcover, 142 pp. History, production, features, and restoration of military jeeps, 1941-45. Articles, notes, drawings, detailed info. The classic Jeep book. BRAND NEW. Scarce! SOLD
All American Wonder-2
All American Wonder-2, by Ray Cowdery, USM, softcover, 142 pp. More on history, production, features, and restoration of military jeeps, 1941-45. Articles, notes, drawings, detailed info. An absolute MUST. BRAND NEW. Scarce! SOLD
Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual
Complete WW2 Military Jeep Manual, softcover, 544 pp. Willys MB, Ford GPW. Includes Operators, Engine, Power Train & Body manuals (TM 9-803, 1803A, 1803B). High quality reproduction. BRAND NEW. Portrayal Press $45. SOLD
The Military Jeep MB-GPW
The Military Jeep MB-GPW by Lawrence Nabholtz, softcover, 62 pp. Full-page photos of jeeps and details: engine, exhaust, bodies, hoods, fenders, instruments, unusual parts. Data & numbers of everything. BRAND NEW. Sells for $100 and up! SOLD
The Military Jeep MB-GPW
The Military Jeep MB-GPW, Revised Ed by Lawrence Nabholtz, softcover, 88 pp. Full-page photos of jeeps and details, even more data than original book, especially on contract numbers and details. BRAND NEW. Sells for $100 and up! SOLD
Jeep 1941-2000
Jeep 1941-2000 Photo Archive by Peter C. Sessler, Iconografix, softcover, 128 pp. Full-page photos of the evolution of the Jeep from Bantam, Willys, Ford on. Wrangler, Jeepster, FC, Wagoneer, Cherokee, Gladiator, etc. BRAND NEW. List $29.95, Sale $11.95
Rare WW2 Jeep
Rare WW2 Jeep Photo Archive by Mark Askew, Jeep World, softcover, 148 pp. Unbelievable pics: 37mm gun on a Bantam, Budd Pygmy with snow plow, half-ton jeep, 17 half-tracked jeeps, full-tracked jeeps, Rotabuggy flying jeep, 6x6 super jeep. BRAND NEW. Amazon $39.95, SOLD
Jeep 1942-86
Jeep 1942-86 by Walter Zeichner, Schiffer, hardcover, 96 pp. Color and b&w photos & illus. Detailed 14 chapters on 44 years of Jeeps and variants like forward control, Dispatcher, Fleetvan, Wagoneer. Lots of tech data. BRAND NEW. List $16.95, Sale $9.95
Classic Military Jeep
Classic Military Jeep Illustrated by Lizzie & Pat Ware, Warehouse, soft cover, 144 pp. Celebration of the Jeep in 250+ stunning full-color photos. No captions; the pics speak for themselves. BRAND NEW. List $38.95, Sale $36.95
Jeep in Detail MA, MB
Jeep in Detail MA & MB in 50 years of service by Frantisek Koran, Jan Miostek, WWP (Czech), softcover, 84 pp. Full-color on every page. Unbelievable detail of every part of the Jeep for modelers, restorers. BRAND NEW. Very scarce! SOLD
Jeep in Detail M38
Jeep in Detail M38A1 & M606A2 by Frantisek Koran, Jan Miostek, WWP (Czech), softcover, 36 pp. Full-color on every page. Unbelievable detail of every part of the Jeep for modelers, restorers. BRAND NEW. Amazon $79! SOLD
Ford Mutt in Detail
Ford Mutt in Detail, M151A1/A2 by Frantisek Koran, Jan Miostek, WWP (Czech), softcover, 52 pp. Full-color on every page. Unbelievable detail of exterior, interior, engine, chassis, axles, radios, etc for modelers, restorers. Amazon $49! SOLD
M151 Mutt
M151 Mutt and Variants by Deon Adams, Armored Car Pubs, softcover, 20 pp. This tiny booklet is packed with hard-to-find info on the M151/A1/A2, A1C, 718A1, A2LC, A2 with armor including specs, tech drawings, and photos. BRAND NEW. Totally impossible to find! SOLD
Off Road Jeeps
Off-Road Jeeps: Civilian & Military, 1944-1971 by R.M. Clarke, Brooklands, softcover, 100 pp. Gov't specs and articles from Life, Fortune, Popular Science, Four Wheeler, Cars, Driver, PS Magazine, and US Gov't manuals. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Quarter Ton
Quarter Ton by Pat Ware, Warehouse Pubs, hardcover, 220 pp. Complete story of the Ford & Willy Jeeps, Austin Champ, and Land Rover Series 1 in British Military Service, 1941-1958. Developemnt, production, vatriants. B&w and color. BRAND NEW. Out of print, SOLD
British Airborne Jeeps
British Airborne Jeeps, 1942-45 by Rob van Meel & Monica Baan, Groucho (Netherlands), softcover, 50 pp. Technical drawings, details, SNs, and markings of US-produced jeeps used in British Airborne operations. BRAND NEW. Out of print, SOLD
M201 by Pat Ware, Warehouse Pubs, softcover, 88 pp. The story of the Hotchkiss M201 and the French Jeep. An improved version of the Willys WWII Jeep, 27, 628 M201s were produced in the 50's and 60's. Comprehensive technical info and period photos. BRAND NEW. List $31.95, SOLD
Lots more about military vehicles on these pages:

Military Manuals - Cheap

Military Vehicle Magazine - Cheap
Classic 4x4s: Illustrated Buyer's Guide by Jim Allen, Motorbooks Int'l, softcover, 192 pp. Covers 4x4s from 1902(!) to 1980s. Jeep, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Marmon-Herrington, IHC, FWD, Toyota, Land Rover, Nissan, Suzuka. BRAND NEW. List $17.95, SOLD
Standard Catalog of 4x4s
Standard Catalog of 4x4s: 1945-2000, Second Ed. by Robert C. Ackerson, Krause, softbound, 736 pp. Every manufacturer, every model, every year: Photo, vehilce ID nos, specs, engine data, vehicle dimensions, optional equipment. BRAND NEW. List $34.95, NOT FOR SALE
4 Wheel Freedom
4 Wheel Freedom by Brad DeLong, Paladin Press, softcover, 158 pp. How to choose a 4x4, equipment for driving off-road, how to drive in sand & mud, on rocks, and through water, beefy tires, winches, getting out of trouble. BRAND NEW. Original version, Sale $14.95
Land Rover Original 4x4
Land Rover: The Original 4x4 by John Tipler, Crowood, hardcover, 208 pp. History and development of all Land Rovers, full specs, races and rallies, special variants, military usage, restoration. B&w and color. BRAND NEW. Amazon $32.95, SOLD
Land Rover
Land Rover by Paul Woods, Iconografix, softcover, 128 pp. Full-page photos of the all models of the Land Rover from Series 1 to Defender, military and civilian, 1948 to 2005. "Posed" photos and candids of the vehicles in use. BRAND NEW. List $29.95, SOLD
Military Trucks, Weapons, Small Arms, Vehicle Parts, Aircraft — Cheap, Deep Discounts
Dodge Military Vehicles
Dodge Military Vehicles - 1940-45 by T. Richards, Brooklands, softcover, 72 pp. Gov't specs, articles, G-numbers, markings, body types, driver instructions on all VC- and WC-series military vehicles. BRAND NEW. Out of print, SOLD
Dodge M37 Restoration Guide
Dodge M37 Restoration Guide by David Ahl, 160 pages, softcover, Krause Publications, 2000. Here's the complete story of the restoration of an M37 complete with useful how-to tips and a parts catalog. OUT OF PRINT
GMC CCKW 352-353
GMC CCKW 353 & 352 by Frantisek Koran, Jan Miostek, WWP (Czech), softcover, 72 pp. Color and b&w photos on every page of exterior, interior, different bodies, cab, engine, workshop variant, chassis, wheels. BRAND NEW. Amazon $28, SOLD
US Army 5-ton
US Army 5-ton Truck M939 Series by Petr Brojo, Jan Mostek, WWP (Czech), softcover, 36 pp. Full-color on every page. Phenomenal detail of M939-series 5-ton trucks. Development, body, cab, chassis, engine, etc. BRAND NEW. Amazon $26.95, SOLD
Army Vehicle Parts Guide
Army Vehicle Parts Guide, Portrayal Press, softcover, 60 pp. Civilian interchange for oil filters, ignition parts, lights, batteries, fan belts, thermostats, watrer pumps, brakes, fuel pumps, hubs, tools, etc. BRAND NEW. Amazon $25 (used). SOLD
American Arsenal
The American Arsenal (WWII) intro by Ian Hogg, Greenhill, hardcover, 384 pp. WWII official standard ordnance catalog of small arms, armored cars, tanks, artillery, antiaircraft guns, ammunition, grenades, mines, etc. from Gov't tech manuals. BRAND NEW. List $59.95, SOLD
Infantry Weapons of WWII
U.S. Infantry Weapons of WWII by Bruce Canfield, Andrew Mowbray, hardcover, 303 pp. Definitive guide U.S. weapons of WWII: rifles, carbines, knives, shotguns, machine guns, mortars, bazookas, grenades, recoilless rifles, flame throwers. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Weapons of WWII
Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II by Chris Bishop, Barnes & Noble, hardcover, 544 pp. Comprehensive guide to 1,500+ weapons systems: tanks, small arms, aircraft, artillery, ships, vehicles. Photos, illustrations, and complete specs. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Encyclopedia of Modern Military Weapons
Encyclopedia of Modern Military Weapons by Chris Bishop, Barnes & Noble, hardcover, 544 pp. Comprehensive guide to 1,000+ weapons systems from 1945 to present day. Photos, illustrations, and complete specs. BRAND NEW. Hard to find. SOLD
Military Small Arms
Military Small Arms of the 20th Century by Ian V. Hogg & John Weeks, DBI, softcover, 350 pp. Fully revised 6th edition. Comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of handguns, submachine & machine guns, rifles, and ammo. BRAND NEW. List $21.95. SOLD
Small Arms Materiel
Small Arms Materiel and Associated Equipment TM 9-2200, US Gov't, 1949. Photo, description, and specs of all pistols, rifles, carbines, shotguns, grenade launchers, machine guns, submachine guns, knives, sights, etc. BRAND NEW. Sale $12.95
Ordnance Materiel Handbook
Ordnance Materiel Handbook (Army TC 9-9, USMC TM 400014-14), Sept 1993, softcover, 300 pp. Line drawings and full specs of wheeled & tracked vehicles, armament, missiles, commo equipment, and weapons. BRAND NEW. Hard to find. Sale $11.95
Modern Ordnance Materiel
Modern Ordnance Materiel Raritan Arsenal (Feb 1943), USM, softcover, 212 pp. Full-page photos and nomenclature of WWII weapons, tanks, gun motor carriages, trucks, tractors, trailers, telescopes, more. BRAND NEW. List $30.00, Sale $28.95
Ordnance Dept Admin and Tactical Vehicles
Ordnance Dept Admin and Tactical Vehicles, 1940-44 MVPA, softcover, 96 pp. List of manufacturers, contracts, dates, serial numbers, and USA registration numbers of all military vehicles, 1940-1944. BRAND NEW. List $38.95, Sale $19.95
B-2 Spirit in action
B-2 Spirit in action by James Goodall, Squadron/ Signal, softcover, 50 pp. Stunning color and b&w photos of the Northrop B-2 stealth Spirit in action in the 90's. Informative text and detailed captions. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Books: Civilian Autos, Trucks, Motorcycles ~ Repair & Restoration Manuals
Trucks in 1,000 Photos
Trucks in 1,000 Photos by G Lecat, J-M Leligny, F Reyes, Krause, hardtcover, 128 pp. 1,000 color photos of trucks: American & European, specials, truck shows, sport trucks, Australian road trains, more. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Trucks by John Tipler, Chartwell, hardcover, 176 pp, 9¼" x 12¼" Fabulous color illustrations, detailed cutaways, and 140+ color and b&w photos of large trucks from Paccar, Mack, Kenworth, Oshkosh, Volvo, Iveco, Ford, Freightliner, MAN, and 20 more. BRAND NEW. Sale $14.95
American Semi Trucks
American Semi Trucks by Stan Holtzman, Motorbooks Int'l, softcover, 96 pp. Model and style history of over 18 semi truck manufacturers (both well-known and lesser), mostly 1960s to 1980s, some earlier. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Semi Trucks of the 1960s
Semi Trucks of the 1960s by Ron Adams, Iconografix, softcover, 160 pp. Outstanding selection of 1960s semi-truck photos with detailed captions about trucks, trailers, and configurations. JUST RELEASED MAY 2012. List $36.95. SOLD
Walter 100% Traction
Walter 100% Traction by Mark Simiele, Contemporary, hardcover, 112 pp. History of Walter vehicles from 1898 to 2000 and the move to high-traction military and emergency trucks. Loads of color and b&w photos. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Small Trucks
Small Trucks by John Jay, HP Books, softcover, 174 pp. Modifications, upgrades, accessories, personalization, and customizing your pickup, sport ute, or 4x4. BRAND NEW. List $14.95. Only $8.95
Observer's Book of Automobiles
Observer's Book of Automobiles by L.A. Manwaring, hardcover, Warne, 288 pp, 1966. Small vintage book (3.7" x 5.7") is packed with info & specs on cars from 105 makers with 348 photos & drawings. Rare! NOT FOR SALE
Handbook of Autos 1925-26
Handbook of Automobiles 1925-26 Dover, softcover, 418 pp, 5.6" x 8.4". 385 high-quality full-view photos and specs of every American car and truck made in 1925 and 1926. BRAND NEW. Scarce, SOLD
Tour Book for Antique Car Buffs
Tour Book for Antique Car Buffs by Richard Osborne, Riebel-Roque, softcover, 304 pp. Listings and in-depth descriptions of 263 antique car museums and display in the US and Canada. Compiled 1994, but still mostly correct. BRAND NEW. Scarce! Sale $9.95
Harley My Pal
Harley My Pal by W. Echilczuk & T. Szczerbicki, printed in Poland, hard cover, 432 pp. An unusual and wonderful book, with stories and 400+ photos of Harleys in Poland from 1918 to 1973. Anecdotes, memories, jokes, and much more. BRAND NEW. Difficult to find, Sale $34.95
Dune Buggies
Dune Buggies by James Hale, Motorbooks, softcover, 96 pp. Descriptions and color photos (every page) of the best dune buggies from aropund the world — interiors, paint schemes, engines — and how to do it yourself. BRAND NEW. Amazon $100+ SOLD
Classic Car Book
The Classic Car Book by Andrew Noakes, Haynes, hardcover, 175 pp. The essential guide to buying, owning, enjoying, and maintaining a classic car. Practical tips, insider information, invaluable reference. BRAND NEW. List $32.95, SOLD
How to Repair Your Car
How to Repair Your Car by Paul Brand, Motorbooks, softcover, 222 pp. Real-world guide to maintenance, simple repairs and tests, 50 step-by-step projects, troubleshooting charts. BRAND NEW. List 19.95, SOLD
How to Restore Your Collector Car
How to Restore Your Collector Car by Tom Brownell, MBI, softcover, 318 pp. Covers all major resto processes in an easy to understand way. Explains degreasing, derusting, welding, metal repair, electrics, painting, more. BRAND NEW. List $19.95. Only $13.95
How to Customize
How to Customize Damn Near Anything, Monster Garage, Motorbooks, softcover, 223 pp. Ins and outs of custom painting, engine building, chassis construction, welding, suspension, tranny, exhaust, etc. BRAND NEW. List $19.95, Sale $13.95
Auto Fundamentals
Auto Fundamentals by Stockel, Stockel, and Johanson, Goodheart-Willcox, hardcover, 608 pp, 2000. Exceptionally comprehensive and detailed book provides how and why of design, construction, and operation the modern automnbile. BRAND NEW. List $99.95, SOLD
Principles of Automotive Vehicles
Principles of Automotive Vehicles Army TM 9-8000, 1956, softbound, 574 pp. It's all here: engines, fuel systems, electrical, instruments, power trains, transmission, clutch, axles, suspension, brakes, steering. Like new! Sale $18.95
Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary
Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary by John Dinkel, softcover, Bentley, 253 pp. A handy reference that will answer all of your automotive questions: 1,300+ definitions, 437 illustrations. List $19.95, SOLD
Detailer's Handbook
Detailer's Handbook by Griot's Garage, spiral bound, 70 pp. Practical info on how to detail a car to perfection. Polishing, waxing, dressing, interiors, wheels & tires, engine bay, restoration, more. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Fiat X1/9 Workshop Manual
Fiat X1/9 Workshop Manual 1974-77, Hayes, softcover, 160 pp. Covers routine maint, tune-up, engine repair, cooling & heating, fuel, exhaust, ignition, brakes, steering, suspension, electrical & wiring diagrams. New book, but cover shows shelf wear. List $26.95. SOLD
Motor Truck Manual, 1936
MoToR's Truck Repair Manual, 1st Edition, 1936-1942, hardcover, 906 pp. How to repair every system on every truck, gas or diesel. Fantastic detail in photos and drawings. Complete specs. Lightly used. Amazon $128, Sale $75.00
Motor Truck Manual, 1956
MoToR's Truck Repair Manual, 9th Edition, 1946-1956, hardcover, 866 pp. How to repair every system on every truck, gas or diesel. Fantastic detail in photos and drawings. Complete specs. Well used. Just try to find one! Sale $95.00
Motor Truck Manual, 1968
MoToR's Truck Repair Manual, 21st Edition, 1960-1968, hardcover, 1,128 pp. How to repair every system on every truck, gas or diesel. Fantastic detail in photos and drawings. Complete specs. Used. Scarce! Sale $30.00
Motor's Manual 1970
Motor's Auto Repair Manual - 1964-1970, hardcover, 1,108 pp. Service & repair info on all 1964-70 cars: AMG, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, IHC, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Olds, Plymouth, Pontiac, VW. Like new. SOLD
Chilton's Truck 1970
Chilton's Truck and Van Repair Manual - 1970 to 1976, hardcover, 1,248 pp. Gasoline and diesel. Complete repair info on small trucks & vans made by Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, International, Jeep. Lightly used. SOLD
Books on Armor, Tanks, AFVs, Tracked Military Vehicles — Cheap, Deep Discounts
Gatefold Book of Tanks
Gatefold Book of Tanks by Roger Ford, B&N, spiral bound, hardcover. Has 36 pull-out gatefolds, each one a giant 36" x 12" with a full-color illustration and description of a tank on each side. 36 superb U.S., British, French, and German tanks from 1918 to present day. BRAND NEW. List $29.95, Sale $19.95
Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the 20th Century
Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the 20th Century by Christopher Chant, (illus by John Batchelor), Tiger Books, UK, hardcover, 144 pp, color and b&w photos & illus. Describes evolution of the tank from WWI to present day. BRAND NEW. List $39.95, SOLD
Tanks by Christopher Chant, MBI, softcover, 256 pp. Comprehensive color illustrated reference to 250+ tanks and AFVs from 1916 to present day. In-depth captions and descriptions with each image. Includes anaysis of German Blitzkrieg. BRAND NEW. List $24.95, Sale $17.95
The world's great tanks
The World's Great Tanks: From 1916 to the Present Day by Roger Ford, B&N, hardcover, 176 pp. Detailed cutaways, color art and photos of 55 significant tanks from the Whippet Mk A to the Christie M1928, Panzers, US M-series, and Merkava. BRAND NEW. List $19.95, Sale $12.95
Modern US Tanks
Modern U.S. Tanks & AFVs by Michael Green & Greg Stewart, MBI, softcover, 96 pp. M1 Abrams, M113 APC, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Stryker ICV, M117 ASV, armored HMMWVs, USMC LAV family, Paladin, self- propeller mortars, and much more all in vivid color. BRAND NEW. Hard to find! Sale $15.95
Armored Fighting Vehicles
Armored Fighting Vehicles by Philip Trewhitt, B&N, hardcover, (5" x 7"), 320 pp. Every major tank and AFV from WWI to present, 300 vehicles, each with full-color illus, description, and specs. Great reference. BRAND NEW. Special $8.95
World War Two AFVs & Self-Propelled Artillery
World War Two AFVs & Self-Propelled Artillery by George Forty, Osprey, hard cover, 208 pp. Wide array of AFVs (no tanks): scout & recon cars, self-propelled artillery, ammo carriers, armored trains, etc. from major & minor combatants of WWII. BRAND NEW. List $34.95, SOLD
Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Service
Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Service by B.T. White, Blandford, UK, hardcover, 128 pp, color and b&w photos & illus. Wheeled armor from 21 counties in current or recent service. BRAND NEW. List $16.95, Sale $12.95
Tanks by Christopher Foss
Tanks by Christopher Foss, Crestline (MBI), softcover, 400 pp, 8¼" x 5½" Full-page color and b&w photos of tanks from 30 countries (who knew?) with vehicle profiles, informative captions and specs. BRAND NEW. Sale $9.95
Janes's Tank Recognition Guide
Janes's Tank Recognition Guide by Christopher Foss, Harper Collins, softcover, 510 pp, 1996, 7½" x 5" How to quickly and accurately identify any modern AFV or tank in service today. Complete specs. BRAND NEW. List $32.95, SOLD
The next 9 books are in the Squadron/Signal series of armor books. Most are by Jim Mesko with color by Don Greer. All are packed with color and b&w photos and terrific illustrations. All are out of print and sell on Amazon for prices between $23 and $70. M4 Sherman
M4 Sherman, 80 pp. SOLD
Sherman in action
Sherman in action, 50 pp. Sale $22.95
M60 Patton
M60 Patton in action, 50 pp. SOLD
M551 Sheridan
M551 Sheridan in action, 50 pp. SOLD
M41 Walker Bulldog
M41 Walker Bulldog in action, 50 pp. Sale $44.95
M3 Half-Track
M3 Half-Track in action, 50 pp. Sale $24.95
DUKW in action
DUKW in action, 50 pp. Sale $22.95
U.S. Self-Propelled-Guns in Action, 50 pp. SOLD
Pershing/Patton in action, 50 pp. SOLD
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank: The Combat and Development History of the General Dynamics M1 and M1A1 Tanks by Michael Green, MBI, softcover, 96 pp. History, comprehensive vehicles description, firepower, controls, etc. of M1A1, and M1A2. BRAND NEW. List $9.95. SOLD
Abrams Company
Abrams Company by Hans & Erik Halberstadt, Crowood, softcover, 64 pp. The Abrams in the fiels: Reforger Exercises and Gulf War. Over 100 color photos and the grit of battle. BRAND NEW. List $19.95. Sale $14.95
Modern Battle Tanks
Modern Battle Tanks and Support Vehicles by Alan K. Russell (Illus by Ray Hutchins), Greenhill, hardcover (6" x 8½"), 160 pp. Photo, line drawing, and specs of 75 AFVs from 20 countries. BRAND NEW. List $22.95. SOLD

German Military Equipment WW2
German Military Equipment WW2 Data & illustrations of all German ordnance materiel: specs, photos of tanks, motor vehicles, artillery, small arms, ammunition, and rockets. An amazing catalog. BRAND NEW. List $39.95. Sale $23.95
Fahrzeug: Armored Troops of the Bundeswehr in 1956
Fahrzeug: Armored Troops of the Bundeswehr in 1956 by Peter Blume, Flugzeug Pubs (Germany), softcover, 48 pp. 120+ photos with detailed captions (in German) of U.S. and German tanks in postwar Germany. Amazing detail. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Tanks of WWII by V. N. Shunkov, Harvest, hard cover, 334 pp. Russian text. Complete specs and illustration of every (141) Russian tank and armored recon and fighting vehicle from 1919 through WWII. Book restricted to sale in Russia only. BRAND NEW. Special price $100.00
Tank BT
BT Tank (Russian) by E.P. Shmelev, Hobbyking, soft cover, 24 pp. Russian text. Specs, detailed illustrations, and photos (b&w and color) of all BT series tanks (2, 5, 7, 7M) and T-1, 29, and 43. series. Great for model builders! BRAND NEW. SOLD
Scout Cars
Scout Cars, Portrayal Press, softcover, 16 pp. Reprints of articles on White M3A1 Scout Cars from Army Motors, 1977 & 1981 plus other reprints (US Gov't specs, P&G ad, 6 postcards). Out of print. BRAND NEW. SOLD
Ferret by Pat Ware, Warehouse Pubs, softcover, 76 pp. The FV700 Series in British Army Service. Design, development, and use of Ferrets from the end of WWII to the late 80's. Comprehensive technical info and period photos. BRAND NEW. List $29.95, SOLD
Gun Trucks
Gun Trucks by Timothy Kutta, Squadron/Signal, softcover, 64 pp. Vietnam deuces and 5-ton trucks armored and equipped with machine guns, Miniguns, grenade launchers and anything that could be cannibalized from other places. B&w and color. BRAND NEW. Amazon $75.00, SOLD
Other Military Books: History, Operations, Insignia, Handbooks, Survival, Models, etc.
Cabinet War Rooms
Cabinet War Rooms, Imperial War Museum, softcover, 32 pages. Winston Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms: detailed descriptions of each, who used them (with photos), the decisions made, and life in this top secret site. BRAND NEW. Only $3.49
Unforgettable Men
Unforgettable Men in Unforgettable Times by Robert Boardman, Winepress, softcover, 268 pp. Stories of honor, courage, commitment and faith from WWII. Autographed by the author. BRAND NEW. Amazon $25, Sale $9.95
Opn Enduring Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom by Lou Drendel, Squadron/Signal, softcover, 64 pp. US Military operations in Afghanistan, 2001-02. Loaded with color and b&w photos of aircraft and ships. Detailed captions. BRAND NEW. List $14.95, Sale $8.95
US Army Survival Manual
US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76, Dorset, heavy vinyl cover, 20 pp. Survival planning, weapons, tools, edible plants, shelter, fire, signaling, medicine, water crossing, desert, tropical, and Arctic issues, much more. BRAND NEW. Sale $12.95
US Military Online
The U.S. Military Online by William Arkin, Brassey's, softcover, 240 pp, 1998. 1,000s of internet web sites: DoD, Army, Navy, USAF, JCOS, think tanks, etc. Most listings still current. BRAND NEW. Sale $2.95
Manual Bosnia Handbook
Bosnia Country Handbook, DoD Manual, softcover, 480 pp. Culture, history, lanuage, health, disease, military & civil forces, photos of vehicles and weapons in use by FWF and SFOR, insignia. Color and b&w. BRAND NEW. Sale $17.95
American Military Insignia
American Military Insignia by William Fowler, Mallard Press, hardcover, 80 pp. All insignia and patches in color, b&w photos showing insignia in the field. History and in-depth discussion of insignia and emblems. BRAND NEW. Out of Print, Sale $12.95
American Military Patch Guide
American Military Patch Guide by J.L. Pete Morgan & Ted A. Thurman, Medals of America Press, softcover, 88 pp. Full color throughout. Patch production, proper wear, and unusual facts. Pictures every patch of US Army, Navy, Marines, Nat'l Guard, CAP, Special Forces. BRAND NEW. List $39.95, SOLD
Armor Conversion and Detailing Projects
Armor Conversion and Detailing Projects from Fine Scale Modeler, Kalmbach, softcover, 104 pp. 17 projects including Stalingrad T34, Panzer IV/70, M3 Half-Track, Panther Ausf A, Iraqi T62, Sherman, more. BRAND NEW. List $15.95. SOLD
Basic Military Vehicle Modelling
Basic Military Vehicle Modelling (Volume 3) ed. by Jerry Scutts, Osprey (UK), softcover, 64 pp. all color. Step-by-step kit assembly, painting, air brushing, fading, washing, weathering, special finishes, refurbishing. BRAND NEW. List $17.95. Only $11.95

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