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After selling more than 2,000 manuals since 2006, my stock is severely depleted, but I recently got an interesting assortment of lightly used manuals. In most cases, I have only ONE copy of each manual, so they are going to go fast! If you want one, reserve it by e-mail at SwapMeetDave@aol.com and I'll set aside the ones you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. Since some of them are big and heavy, please contact me in advance for the exact packaging and shipping cost. Send mail orders with payment in cash, check, or money order to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. I also accept Pay Pal to SwapMeetDave@aol.com (3% PayPal commission for U.S. orders).
TM 11-5820-401-10-1 HMMWV Radios

AR 850-5, 1942 Marking of Clothing, Equipment, Vehicles, and Property (mainly vehicles), Aug 1942 complete with changes 1 to 9 through Jan 1944. WWII markings. $15
AR 850-5, 1945 Marking of Clothing, Equipment, Vehicles, and Property (mainly vehicles), Feb 1945 complete with changes 1 to 6 through Jan 1949. Postwar markings. $19
TB 746-93-1, 1964 Color and marking of Military Vehicles, Construction Equipment, etc. Correct position and sizes of letters and stars for all MVs. Unit markings, tire pressure, fuel tank, weight class, safety, etc. 62 pp. Early M-series vehicles. $21
TC 5-200, 1975 Camouflage Pattern Painting (4-color patterns). TC in full color with full info on colors, paint maxing, and paint methods, 15 pp. Aug 1975. Scarce! $12
TB 43-0209, 1976 Color, marking, and camouflage painting of military vehicles, etc. Complete 4-color patterns for more than 50 vehicles. Correct through mid 80's. Big 279 pages. Scarce! $20
TB 43-0209, 1990 Color, marking, and camouflage painting of military vehicles, etc. Complete 3-color patterns for late 80s and onward. 400 pages. Scarce! $20
TB 9-1802A-1 and
GMC Pub X4412A
TM: Fits, Tolerances and Wear Limits for GMC 270 Engine, March 1945
Booklet: GMC 270 Engine Troubleshooting & Diagnosis, Aug 1944.
42WLA-EXP Harley-Davidson manual for uncrating and assebling a WLA Military 45" V-Twin Motorcycle. Full-page photos illustrated every step. 24pp, 1942.$12
TM 9-2320-209-10-3-1 Organizational Maintenance for 2½-ton truck, M35A2, M44A2, M50A2, etc. May 1981 (Vol 3 of 3, Part 1 of 4) Covers clutch, fuel system, exhaust, cooling system, electrical, transmission, transfer, propeller shafts, front axle$12
TM ORD 2300-20/4 Pioneer tools stowage locations and mounting brackets for all M-series wheeled vehicles to 1958.$3
TB 9-2300-209-20/4 Rifle bracket stowage locations for M37, M44, M39, M123 with large photos. Also bracket dimensions for local fabrication. Feb 1967, 10pp, photocopy.$3
1230145 Instructions for M14/M16 Rifle MNounting Kit for 2-1/2 & 5-Ton trucks (M44, M39, M809 series). Two orig 18" x 24" sheets, July 1984.$3
MIL-STD-646 (Ord) Military standard electrical circuit number identification: numbers, colors, generic wiring diagrams. Dec 1961. Portrayal Press reprint.$5
From PS Mag #38 Military standard electrical circuit numbers on M-series vehicles from PS Magazine, 1955. Portrayal Press reprint.$5
FM 20-22 Vehicle Recovery Operations: Methods, rigging, towing, expedients, equipment, Sep 1990$8
Shop Set #3 Purchase description (list of all components) of Shop Set #3 for 3/4-ton (V-41, M201) and equiv M715 vehicles. June 1971. MV Mag reprint.$3
GTA 90-01-009 M1114 HMMWV Load Planning & Techniques, pocket size, full color, 32 pp, Aug 2007
Diagrams for weapons, extra items, detainees kit; also towing, traffic control, more
FM 10-517 Parachute Rigging of HMMWV (all models), ammunition, and and equipment for low velocity air drop from C130 and C141 aircraft. 104 pp$8
TM 9-2200 Small Arms Materiel and Associated Equipment, Dept of Army, April 1949$13
TB 23-7-1 Carbine, Cal .30, M1 - Operation, Disassembly, Assembly, Care, Cleaning, Lubrication, Stoppages, Spare parts, Accessories, Ammunition, 17 May 1942$7
DA Form 4004 U.S. Army Message Book (100 blank message forms), Feb 1977 (Scarce!)$3
USAEC booklet Simplified Description & Operation of AN/VRC Radio Sets, 35 pp$2
TM 11-5820-401-10 Operator's Manual: HMMWV radio sets AN/VRC-12, 43–49 w/changes 1,2,3 (Used)$8
TM 11-6625-274-12 Operator & Org Maint, Test Sets, Electron Tube TV-7/U, etc. June 1960$1
TM 38-750 Army Equipment Record Procedures, Aug 1964. 82 pp. In the style with cartoon illustrations like PS Magazine$5
FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual, Dorset Press reprint w/added index, heavy cover, 285 pp,
Survival medicine, making tools, snake bites, pain, getting food, signaling. BRAND NEW
FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operation, 31 May 1997 (This is a BIG one!)$10
TM 5-2805-257-24P Parts and Tools TM for 3hp Mil Std Engine 2A016-1, -2, -3, Sept 1975$8
TM 5-6115-323-14 Operator, Field Maint, Depot Maint for Gen Set MEP-015A, MEP-025A, July 1976$10
TM 5-6115-271-14 Operator, Field Maint, Depot Maint for Gen Set MEP-016A, MEP-021A, Aug 1976$10
AIA-DS-3-90 Desert Shield Order of Battle Handbook: Aircraft, Tanks, Vehicles, Artillery, Weapons,
Air Defense, Antitank, Insignia, Ranks for all friendly forces, Pocket-size, Nov. 1990
DOD 2630-002-97 Bosnia SFOR Handbook. Like above but includes FWF (civil) TO&E, 180pp, 1997$11
DA Pamphlet 750-1 Maintenance Guide for Leaders (weapons and vehicles), Pocket-size, 104 pp, Aug 1979$3
TM 11-401-2 Still Photography. Army Pictorial Techniques, Equipment, and Systems, 210 pp, Sept 1969$6
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