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Sample first day cover
Stunning Collection of 6,000+ First Day Covers

        On these pages are listed more than 6,000 First Day Covers that I have collected over the past 50 years including ones from my eight award-winning exhibits. There are FDCs on many themes and specific issues (Seeing Eye, New Jersey, Amelia Earhart, Eisenhower, cats, circus wagon, auto racing, to name just a few). You'll find a huge number of amazing combination covers including many limited editions, especially from 1985 on. There are hand painted covers by Goldberg, Pugh, Nakano, Bennett, Ahl, Karen's Cachets, and many others. Also duck stamps, Express Mail, airmail, special delivery, and postal stationery.
        I am pricing them cheap to sell fast! Prices are way under dealer prices and considerably under those in FDC, general philatelic, and eBay auctions.
        All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50¢ per order for packaging and handling.
        To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!

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Click on a category of interest for covers and pricing. Blue = available NOW
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FDCs and Related Covers of Specific Stamps, Topics or Issue Series
(1938 and 1986 series)
WWII-related issues
1940-1946 (124 FDCs)
3¢ Win the War
(7/4/42 ~ Scott 905)
Patton FDCs, WWII items
(11/11/53 ~ Scott 1026)
Liberty Issue, 1954-68
(Scott 1030-1229)
New Jersey Statehood
(Scott 1247 and 2338)
Prominent Americans
1965-1978, Scott 1278-1402
MacArthur FDCs, WWII items
(1/26/71 ~ Scott 1424)
Definitives: Flags, A, B, C etc, non-series stamps Americana issue
(1977-82 ~ Scott 1581-1619)
Seeing Eye Dogs
(6/15/79 ~ Scott 1787)
Great Americans issue
(Scott 1844-69, 2168-97)
Transportation Coils
(1982-1991 ~ Scott 1897-2468)
Nimitz FDCs, WWII items
(2/22/85 ~ Scott 1869)
WWII 50th anniv sheets
& postwar military FDCs
Flag Test Coil FDCs
(5/23/87 ~ Scott 2115c)
Cats block
(2/5/88 ~ Scott 2372-75)
Desert Storm FDCs, Events
(7/2/91 ~ Scott 2551)
Circus Wagon coil
(8/31/91 ~ Scott 2452)
NY Stock Exchange
(5/17/92 ~ Scott 2630)
Amelia Earhart airmail
(7/24/63 ~ Scott C68)
Joint Issues with Other
Countries ~ 1959-1991
  Autographs of Presidents,
Generals, others (39)
FDCs by Cachet Maker
FDCs by Julian Pugh
Hand Painted, 1986-1991
FDCs by Bernard Goldberg
Hand Painted, 1983-1995
FDCs by Karen Zabinsky
Hand Painted, 1983-1996
Covers by Hideaki Nakano
Hand made. Very unusual!
FDCs by David Ahl
and Creative Cachets
FDCs by DRC (Rick Chase)
1979-1984, Scott 1738-2109
FDCs by Dave Bennett
Hand Made
FDCs of Types of Stamps, Postal Stationery, Back of Book
Airmail ~ 1918 to 1939
(Scott C1 - C24)
Airmail ~ 1941 to 1991
(Scott C25 - C131)
Airmail Env & Aerogrammes
1929-1991 (UC1 - UC63)
Airmail Postal Cards
1949-1991 (UXC1 - UXC25)
Stamped Envelopes
1925-2001 (U436 - U646)
Postal Cards
1873-1991 (UX1 - UX160)
Postal Reply Cards
1892-1991 (UY1 - UY40)
Special Delivery, Certified
Registered, Spec Handling, Postal Savings, B.O.B.
Official Stamps, Envelopes
1983 to 1991 (O127-O148)
Luminescent Tagged
1963 to 1967
Federal Duck Stamps
1984-1994 (RW51 - RW61)
FDCs of Commemorative Stamps by Date
1909 to 1939 issues
(Scott 372-858)
1940 to 1949 issues
(Scott 859-986)
1950 to 1959 issues
(Scott 987-1138)
1960 to 1965 issues
(Scott 1139-1276)
1966 to 1969 issues
(Scott 1306-1386)
1970 & 1971 issues
(Scott 1387-1445)
1972 issues
(Scott 1446-1474)
1973 issues
(Scott 1475-1508)
1974 issues
(Scott 1504-1552)
1975 issues
(Scott 1553-1580)
1976 issues
(Scott 1629-1703)
1977 issues
(Scott 1704-1730)
1978 issues
(Scott 1731-1769)
1979 issues
(Scott 1770-1802)
1980 issues
(Scott 1738-1843)
1981 issues
(Scott 1818-1948)
1982 issues
(Scott 1949-2030)
1983 issues
(Scott 2031-2065)
1984 issues
(Scott 2066-2109)
1985 issues
(Scott 2110-2166)
1986 issues
(Scott 2167-2245)
1987 issues
(Scott 2246-2368)
1988 issues
(Scott 2277-2400)
1989 issues
(Scott 2401-2438)
1990 issues
(Scott 2439-2516)
1991 issues
(Scott 2476-2585)
1992 issues
1993 and later
Patriotic Covers, Foreign FDCs, Inaugurals, and Misc.
WWII Patriotic ~
More than 4,000 covers!
Inaugural and related
political covers
Presidential Birthplace covers Space Exploration Events,
FDCs, Astronaut Autographs
Palau FDCs, singles and
First Day Panels
Marshall Islands FDCs,
singles and First Day Panels
Micronesia FDCs
singles and portfolio
Sweden FDC Collection
1949-71 ~ White Ace Binders

Below are sample images of some of the 6,000+ FDCs that I have for sale.
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