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Spectacular Sweden First Day Cover Collection
1949-1971 ~ With White Ace Binders ~ Value $600+
      In the 23 years from January 1949 through December 1971, Sweden brought out approx. 125 commemorative stamp issues plus 25 issues of definitive (regular) stamps, of between one and five stamps each, Michel 346A to 736C. This lot continas 113 First Day Covers of these issues (most of the ones not included are definitives). 100 of these covers are in two White Ace Continental size flip up cover binders. FDCs from Michel 363 (8/51) on have an insert in four languages that descibes the issue in great detail. Most of these FDCs were actually postally carried from Sweden to New York, USA. Those that were not are unaddressed and are noted in the “Misc” column. The spreadsheet below shows all the FDCs included in this lot. Below is some general information about Swedish stamps, catalog numbers, and FDCs.
      The earlier FDCs in this lot are sold by dealers for $4.00 to $7.00 each. Later ones tend to sell for somewhat less. The current retail price for these 113 covers is at least $500.00 The retail price for one White Ace Continental Cover Binder (Album) is $50.75. So the total retail value of this collection is more than $600.00. Here's your chance to get it for a fraction of that! Yours for only $229.95!

Postwar Swedish stamps and FDCs
      A few Swedish postwar stamps were issued in sheet form, but the majority were issued as coils (horizontal or vertical). Commemoratives were generally issued in two values and the lower value also issued in booklet form, either horizontal or vertical. Swedish stamps are listed in the Michel (German) stamp catalog, generally with a suffix, as follows.
A: Imperforate top and bottom (horizontal coil).
B: Perforated on all sides (standard sheet stamp). This suffix is often not used, but just the number alone.
C: Imperforate left and right (vertical coil).
D: Stamp from a booklet, usually followed by a second letter.
  DD: Pair from a booklet, horizontal or vertical, imperf 2 sides (sometimes a slash is used, i.e, D/D)
  Dl: Left stamp from a horizontal booklet pair, imperf left side.
  Dr: Right stamp from a horizontal booklet pair, imperf right side.
  Do: Top (over) stamp from a vertical booklet pair, imperf top side.
  Du: Bottom (under) stamp from a vertical booklet pair. imperf bottom side.
E: Stamp from booklet imperforate on two adjoining sides.
  EE: Pair from a booklet pane, imperf on two adjoining sides (or E/E).
  ED or DE: Pair from a booklet pane, imperf on three sides (or E/D, D/E).

      Swedish First Day Covers typically have all the stamps from an issue on a single cover. For example the FDC for the 1956 issue, Equestrian Olympics, has three single coil stamps, Michel 413-415A, and two booklet pairs, Michel 413DD and 414DD, or 7 stamps in all. Most FDCs issued by Swedish Post are the smaller Continental size, 6" x 4.3" (15.5 cm x 11 cm) but to accomodate the larger issues, some FDCs are 7.15" x 4.95" (18 cm x 12.5 cm) and occasionally 7.65" x 4.95" (19.5 cm x 12.5 cm), which in recent years has become the European standard. FDCs produced by Swedish Post often have a pictorial cancel but rarely have a cachet. Of the roughly 170 FDCs produced in the 40 years from 1941 to 1981, only seven had a cachet on the envelope. This policy changed in mid-1985, and from then on, most FDCs had a cachet.
      Sweden issued relatively few stamps per year in the years up through the 50s (about 4 issues per year), but really ratcheted up the pace ftom the mid-60s on (9+ issues per year).
Warship Wasa FDC
Warship Wasa FDC insert
White Ace Continental FDC Binder
Swedish FDCs ~ 1949-1971 ~ Click on Descriptions in blue for an image of the FDC
on FDC
Catalog No.
Michel Cat.
01/22/49 5 346-48A 346DD August Strindberg 
07/27/49 4 349-50C 350DD Lingiaden Gymnastics
09/10/49 7 351-53C 351DD, 352DD U.P.U. Cachet
06/06/51 9 356-60A 356DD, 359DD Definitives (5 values) Cachet
08/30/51 4 363-64A 363DD Christopher Polhem
04/09/52 4 367-68C 367DD Olavus Petri
11/11/52 7 376-78C 376DD, 377DD King Gustaf VI Adolf Birthday Cachet
05/27/53 6 379-82 379DD Athletic Federation - Sports
06/17/53 4 383-84A 383DD Stockholm, 700 yr anniv
11/02/53 5 385-87C 385DD Telegraph Service
02/13/54 4 388-89A 388DD Skiing
06/18/54 4 394-95C 394DD Anna Marie Lenngren
11/08/54 5 396-400  Rock Carvings
05/16/55 8 402-03A 402DD, 402DE Stamp Jubilee - First stamps
06/06/55 3 404-05  National Flag Day
07/01/55 5 406-10  Stockholmia 55 Philatelic Expo Cachet
07/21/55 4 411-12C 411DD Pehr Daniel Amadeus Atterbom
04/16/56 7 413-15A 413DD, 414DD Equestrian Olympics
10/30/56 2 416-17  Northern Swans
06/01/57 4 421-22A 421DD Sea Rescue Society
02/10/58 8 434-37A 434DD, 436DD Sea & Helicopter Mail
05/08/58 7 438-40A 438DD, 439DD World Cup Football
05/08/59 3 448C 448DD Red Cross, Henry Dunant
07/06/59 4 449-50C 449DD Werner von Heidenstam
09/04/59 4 451-52C 451DD Crown Forest Board
12/10/59 4 453-54C 453DD Svante Arrhenius
02/18/60 4 455-56C 455DD Anders Zorn
04/07/60 4 457-58C 457DD World Refugee Year
06/30/60 4 459-60A 459DD Voluntary Shooting Organization
08/22/60 4 461-62C 461DD Gustaf Froding
09/19/60 2 463-64  Europa C.E.R.T. Conference
11/23/60 4 465-66C 465DD Hjalmar Branting
03/20/61 9 468-70A 468-70, all DD King Gustaf VI Adolf
04/17/61 4 471-72C 471DD Carl Gustaf Plio
06/02/61 4 473-74A 473DD Jonas Alstomer
09/22/61 4 476-77A 476DD Royal Library & Printing
12/09/61 5 482-84A 482DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1901
01/29/62 4 485-86A 485DD Local Mail Delivery Service
03/21/62 4 487-88C 487DD Municipal Laws
09/24/62 6 495-96A 495DD, 496DD Historical Monuments
11/10/62 4 498-99A,C  King Gustaf VI Adolf Birthday Cachet
12/10/62 4 500-01A 500DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1902
02/15/63 4 502-03C 502DD Ice Hockey
03/21/63 4 504-05A 504DD Freedom from Hunger
05/27/63 4 506-07A 506DD Engineering & Industrial Art
09/16/63 7 508-10A 508DD, 509DD G.F. duRietz, Board of Health
10/25/63 4 511-12A 511DD Historic Buildings Cachet
12/10/63 4 513-14A 513DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1903
02/03/64 4 515-16C 515DD Erik Axel Karlfeldt
06/12/64 4 517-18A,C  Archbiscopric of Uppsala
12/10/64 6 529-30A 529DD, 530DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1904
04/05/65 4 531-32C 531DD Visby Ring Wall
05/17/65 5 533x,534-5C  Int'l Telecommunications Union
07/05/65 4 536-37C 536DD Prince Eugen
10/25/65 4 540-41A 540DD Frederika Bremer
12/10/65 6 542-43A 542DD, 543DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1905
01/15/66 4 544-45C 544DD Nathan Soderblom
02/18/66 10  546-48, all DD Speed Skating
03/26/66 2 549-50  National Museum Opening
05/12/66 4 553-54A 553DD Two-Chamber Parliament
06/15/66 10  555-57, all DD Drottingholm Theater
09/25/66 4 558-59C 558DD Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
11/15/66 10  560D-65D Ships - Nat'l Cancer Fund
12/10/66 6 566-67A 566DD, 567DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1906
02/15/67 3 573C 573DD EFTA
03/15/67 3 575A 575DD Landscape
04/11/67 4 578-79C 578DD Table Tennis
05/17/67 10  580-83, all DD Bronze Helmet Plates Cachet
06/16/67 10 584-85  Finnish Settlers
09/03/67 4 588-89A,C  Right Side Traffic
10/16/67 10 590-2C, 93A 590,2,3, all DD Plants & Animals Definitives
11/11/67 6 594-95C 594DD, 595DD King Gustaf VI Adolf Birthday
04/03/68 4 601-02C 601DD Franz Berwald
05/15/68 6 603-04A 603DD, 604DD Bank of Sweden
06/04/68 10  605DD, 606DD Lund University
07/04/68 4 612-13C 612DD World Council of Churches
08/04/68 10  607-11, all DD Wild Flowers
08/09/68 4 614-15C 614DD People's College
09/05/68 4 616-17C 616DD World Cup Orienteering
10/28/68 8  618Dr, 19DD, 20Dl Axel Petterson Unaddr
11/25/68 10  621-25, all DD Birds and Animals
12/10/68 6 626-27A 626DD, 627DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1908 Unaddr
02/28/69 4 629-30A 629DD Northern Countries Union Unaddr
03/31/68 4 632-33C 632DD Int'l Labor Organization Unaddr
04/28/69 4 634-35A 634DD Europa C.E.R.T. Building Unaddr
05/12/69 6 636-37A 636DD, 637DD Albert Engstrom Unaddr
06/06/69 6 638-43 M/S  Ivan Agueli paintings
09/03/69 10  644-49, all DD Warship Wasa
10/13/69 3 653C 653DD Hjalmar Soderberg
10/13/69 3 654A 654DD Bo Bergman
11/17/69 2 655-56A  Lighthouse Service
11/17/69 10  657-61, all DD Swedish Fairy Tales
12/10/69 7 662-64A 662DD, 663DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1909
02/09/70 4 665-66A 666DD St. Steven, Timber Floating
02/09/70 8  667-70, all DD Forgings
05/11/70 2 674-75A  Nature Conservation Year
06/05/70 5 676-80C  Polar Area
08/28/70 3 681C 681DD Glimmingehus, Skane Unaddr
08/28/70 1 682A  China Palace Unaddr
10/24/70 4 690-91A,C  United Nations, 25 years
11/20/70 10  692-96, all DD Christmas Birds
12/10/70 7 697-99C 697DD, 698DD Nobel Prize Winners, 1910
01/22/71 1 700A  Ferry & Royal Palace
03/26/71 4 704-05A 704DD Help for Refugees
04/23/71 5 706C, 707-8A  Paintings, Tapestry Unaddr
06/04/71 2 709A,C  Container Port
06/04/71 2 710-11A  Logging Sledge, Windmill
08/27/71 4 713-14C 713DD Royal Academy of Music Unaddr
09/28/71 1 716A  Mail Coach Unaddr
09/28/71 5 717-20C  Gotland Stone Masons Art Unaddr
10/20/71 4 721-22A 721DD Road Safety Unaddr
10/20/71 10  723-27, all DD Crown Jewelry Regalia Unaddr
11/10/71 3 733A 733DD Nils Holgersson Unaddr

For shipping, I will send the collection by USPS Parcel Post for just my out-of-pocket cost (in USA, $12 to $19 depending upon where you live relative to New Jersey). I'm not like some Internet sellers who build big profits into shipping and screw the buyer. In January 2013, the USPS made a very large increase in foreign postage rates. These two binders weigh 7 pounds and would cost $59.95 to mail to an address in Europe.