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FDCs ~ Special Delivery, Certified, Registered,
Special Handling, Postal Savings, Airlift, etc.

        On this page you will find 42 First Day Covers of Special Delivery, Certified, Registered, Special Handling, Postal Savings, Airlift, and Airmail Special Delivery stamps. Covers are listed by Scott number. These are "back-of-book" items in Scott categories E, CE, F, FA, QE, and PS for which FDCs are rarely seen. The first 9 covers are early usages, not FDCs.
          Please order by cover number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by cover number and cachet (E20 Fluegel, PS11, etc.)
10% Discount on 10 or more covers!

E2 on U318. Two different RPO cancels, 9/1/1889. $35.00

E3. Spec Del handstamp at top left, 10/10/1893. $35.00

E4. Receiving notation & cancel on back, 4/8/1895. $45.00

E5. Receiving NY backstamp, 10/10/1895. $15.00

E6. Received same day. A bit ratty. 1/24/1904. $8.00
Covers for E2 to E12 are early use covers, not FDCs. From E13 on, all covers are FDCs.

E7 (XF) on U411b. Palmerton, PA, Nice! 7/17/1909. SOLD

E8. Spec Del handstamp at left;
small, neat cover, 12/12/1911. $15.00

E11. RPO cancel
Tenn to Georgia, 10/11/1918. $10.00

E12. NY to Grand Rapids in 1 day. 10/29/1927. 8.00

E13. FDC serviced by Wordon. With block Sc 551. $175.00

E14. FDC by Worden. Rare rubber stamp at top left. $125.00

E15. FDC by Nickles. Rare rubber stamp at top left. $75.00

E15-EE. FDC Unk violet engraved cachet. Scarce! $30.00

E15-EE. Unk cachet (maybe Sanders?) Rare! $35.00

E16. FDC by McNutt with Sc 702, receiving backstamp. $75.00

E17. Staehle purple & silver cachet. SOLD

E17. Addressed, no cachet. $10.00

E18. Anderson, rec'd backstamp. $35.00

E18. Addressed, no cachet. $10.00

E19. Fleetwood, very clean. $18.00

E20. Artmaster block. $15.00

E20 Fluegel. $20.00

E21. Artcraft. $2.00

E22. Cover Craft, rec'd backstamp. $3

E22. Artcraft. $2.00
Same, addressed $1.00

E23. Cover Craft. $3.00

E23. Artcraft. $2.00
Addr, no cachet 50¢

E21. Last day of Spec Delivery, Rice. $6.00

E23. Last day of Spec Delivery, Rice. $6.00

1341. $1 Airlift stamp, Artcraft. $6.50

CE1. Amer Airmail Society cachet. Seldom seen! $65.00

CE2. Davenport/Wash Stamp Club of the Air. Scarce! $55.00

CE2. No cachet, air env. $10.00

FA1. Artcraft. With matching receipt. $6.00

FA1. Fluegel. With matching receipt. $12.00

QE1. Kribbs hand painted add-on.
QE1, 2, 3: $100.00

QE2. Kribbs. 15¢ Spec Handling

QE3. Kribbs. 20¢ Spec Handling

QE4. Serviced by E.G. Arnold. $100.00

PS11. Postal Savings, 5/1/41, both Lexington & Concord cancels. Very rare! $150.00
First Day Covers with privately-issued AirLetter labels (termed "Magnetic Stamps" ~ 1982-83
These labels, incorrectly called stamps (or "Magnetic Stamps"), were privated issued by Western Airlines, Burlington Northern, and American Express in 1982-83 in an effort to get customers to use their various special services. All of the labels carry the same text: "The Western (or other) AirLetter is designed to increase the opportunity for either Special Delivery Service or Second Day Service of your normal First Class Mail. This Service Indicator buys fast, safe, business-day pick up and delivery of normal First Class Mail to designated areas of the United States," which all seems like a mouthful of doublespeak. The labels measure 6.2" x 2.3" and have a blank area in the upper right for standard USPS postage stamps; they are all on #10 envelopes. For standard delivery a 20¢ stamp was added and two envelopes below have that, one of which is designated "Second Day Service." The third envelope below has a label marked "Special Delivery Service" but the USPS had largely replaced this with Express Mail in 1977, although it was still theoretically available. The Special Delivery rate starting March 22, 1981 was $2.10 in addition to the First Class rate (20¢) so $2.30 was correct. Interestingly, the Priority Mail rate at this time for under 1 pound to Zones 1 to 5 was $2.24, so this postage did, in fact, cover the Special Delivery letter rate or the Priority Mail rate. Another label also carried $2.30 postage; it was from American Express marked "Service Back Guarantee," which seems somewhat meaningless. There are many of these commemorative envelopes being sold by dealers marked "First Day of Issue" that are actually just the first day of service on a particular route, so one must be careful to check the actual date. These four are truly the First Day of Issue for each corresponding label and they carry both USPS and private cancels from Denver, CO on the appropriate day. The effort to sell customers these private services in conjunction with the US Postal Service was not something for which people were willing to pay extra and they all closed down within a few years.
Burlington Northern Air Freight. Private cancel 8/30/82, Denver, USPS cancel 8/30/82 Newport Beach, CA. $12.00 Western Airletter #6. Boeing 737, "Pride of the Western Air Force." 20¢stamp and label both canceled Denver, CO 11/22/82. $12.00
Western Airletter #14 (WSD #1). "Special Delivery Service." $1.30 stamps and label both canceled Denver, CO 12/15/82. $12.00 AirLetter Mail Express. American Express, "Service Back Guarantee." $1.30 stamps and label both canceled Denver, CO 1/10/83. $12.00

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