Hand-painted FDCs by Julian Pugh.
Unusual limited edition combos from 1979 to 1991.

         The beautiful First Day Covers (FDC) below were all hand-painted by Julian Pugh of Pugh Cachets, The Woodlands, Texas. If you collect FDCs, you know that Julian Pugh thoroughly researches each subject and includes an informative insert with each cover. In addition, back in the mid-80's, Julian and I (David Ahl) entered into a loose partnership in which I furnished him with five sets of 3 or 4 additional older stamps related to the subject of the new stamp. These stamps were affixed along with the new one to a cover to produce what is known as a combo cover. Obviously, these are very limited editions with only four to seven combo covers produced for each issue.
         I am downsizing my collection and will be selling off more than 3,000 first day covers and another 3,000 WWII patriotic covers including this amazing group of rare Pugh FDCs. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these covers, please send me an e-mail to
         The covers are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in FDC auctions.
         All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Scott 1788-2197 | Scott 2198-2400 | Scott 2401 and up
Airmail, Postal Stationery, Official, Express Mail, Duck Hunting, Inauguration, Events

Below are pictured just a few of the more than 450 Pugh FDCs that are for sale.
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P80DM: Dolley Madison, 6/86.

P8167: Morris card combo, SOLD.

P8310: Volunteer, plate no., 2/4.

P84SW: Conservation, 8/49.

P8604a: Puppies, dual, 15/18 SOLD

P8503: Baldwin, combo, 3/5.

P8504: D stamps, 14/52.

P8506: D envelope, 14/24 SOLD

P85CA: Carroll Card, 5/25.

P85CB: Carroll Cd, bklt, 5/10 SOLD

P8517: O129, O138, 14/26.

P8518: O135, O139, 14/25.

P8510: Partridge, combo, 5/5.

P85CC: China Clipper card, 14/24.

P8582: Mayflower env, combo, 19/79.

P8520: Bethune, combo, 3/5.

P8523A: Lewis, combo #1, 3/6.

P8524: Duck Decoys, 14/71.

P8527: Flag over Capitol, 14/30.

P8529: Seashells booklet, SOLD

P8549: Bartholdi, combo, 5/5.

P82LC: Locomotive combo, 23/26.

P8533A: Audubon, combo, 5/6.

P8534: Express Mail, 8/12.

P8558A: Public Edu, combo, 3/8.

P85OM: Off'l Mail, combo, 3/3 SOLD

P8657: Ameripex, dual, 9/13.

P8542: 17c Postage Due, 14/54.

P8544: Adams, combo, 5/5.

P8550: Wash Mon, combo, 15/38.

P8552B: Korea vets, combo, 7/7.

P8548: 1985 Duck Hunting, 14/75.

P8554: Serra airmail, combo, 4/5.

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