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FDCs of U.S. Postage Stamps ~ 1992

        On these pages are listed more than 6,000 First Day Covers that I have collected over the past 50 years including ones from my eight award-winning exhibits. There are FDCs on many themes and specific issues (Seeing Eye, New Jersey, Amelia Earhart, Eisenhower, cats, circus wagon, auto racing, to name just a few). You'll find a huge number of amazing combination covers including many limited editions, especially from 1985 on. There are hand painted covers by Goldberg, Pugh, Nakano, Bennett, Ahl, Karen's Cachets, and many others. Also duck stamps, Express Mail, airmail, special delivery, and postal stationery.
        I am pricing them cheap to sell fast! Prices are way under dealer prices and considerably under those in FDC, general philatelic, and eBay auctions.

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