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Quick & Flupke by Hergé

Quick & Flupke running

On-line English Translations (2010-present)
      I am a great fan of Hergé's work and was disappointed that so few English translations are available in the US and UK, some of which are very difficult to find today. Knowing very little French, I set out on a quest to find people willing to translate the books from French into English. Caleb of CTD Productions, another Hergé fan, tanslated three of the books and I translated Haute Tension by Johan de Moor.
      Compounding the translation problem is the fact that many of the strips actually have two "gags," the visual one, which you often can understand from the drawings alone, and a second verbal or language gag. These do not translate easily, or sometimes at all. It's like translating Inspector Clouseau's scenes from the Pink Panther films into French—it just doesn't work.
      For example, in the strip, "Competition," on pages 14-15 in Haute Tension, Flupke is making a sign and asks Quick if the word cravatte has one T or two so the sign will be correct. But then he misspells the word "chez" (home) as "chè" which, for some reason, is hilarious to a native French speaker, but is completely incomprehensible and impossible to translate into English. (In my translation, I changed the word gag altogether.)
      This is not a money-making project by any means, it is a labor of love. However, the translated books are certainly worth something, so I'm making all four of them (48 pages each) available as four PDF files (NOT paper books) for just $5.00, payable by PayPal. You can view these PDF files on your computer, Kindle reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, Adobe Reader X, Android (with one of the many PDF apps), etc. If you want hard copy (like a book) you can print out the files. All money from this project goes to Beyond the Walls, a non-profit organization that helps needy people around the world.
      One sample double-page gag from each of the 4 books is shown below (click on it for a full-size PDF image of 2 sample pages from each of the 4 books). Each PDF file of an entire 48-page book is quite large so if you buy all four books for $5.00, I will send you the PDF files as four separate e-mail attachments.
Quick & Flupke Haute Tension sample translation
Quick & Flupke Pardom Madam sample translation
Quick & Flupke Catastrophe sample translation
Quick & Flupke Farces et Attrapes sample translation

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