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Coin Books and Catalogs

        On this page you will find 5 coin books. I started with almost 50 books, but my prices are very low, so most of them sold very quickly. Some of these books are older but the basic information is timeless. Dont look to these books for buy and sell prices but for basic information on how coins are made, the story behind each one, distinguishing marks, cleaning, preservation, coin standards, etc. These are the things you won't find in the currect catalogs or magazines with pages and pages of prices, but that you need if you want to be a knowledgable collector. Many of the coin descriptions on eBay are truly miserable. Armed with these books you'll know what you're looking at and you won't make those kind of mistakes.
        Also on these pages you will find U.S. proof and uncirculated coin sets (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar) issued by the United States Treasury (US Mint) and also by the Israeli Treasury! You'll also find single coins including many U.S. Morgan dollars, many graded and slabbed, as well as other denominations, medals, and tokens in all condition levels. In addition, I'm selling my father's collection of Israeli coins including several of the very first ones issued in 1948. My father designed one Israeli medal and was closely involved in the production process, so he had many proofs and special issues that were not widely available to collectors.
        To order, sent me an e-mail of what you want at and I'll give you a total price with postage, set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Coins Investors Guide Mort Reed
Coins: An Investor's and Collector's Guide by Mort Reed, Hardcover, 1973. Covers investing in coins, short-term vs long-term, record-keeping, insurance, appraisals, storage, handling, and transportation of coin collections. Of value to both novice and experienced collectors. Super Sale $2.98
Collectible American Coins
Collectible American Coins by Kenneth E. Bressett, Hardcover, large format, 1991. Book tells the story of scores of coins, goes behind the scenes at U.S. mints to explain how they're made, and shows unique and special features of both valuable antique coins and familiar issues. Also discusses how each coin is a tiny work of art. Detailed illustrations on every page. Brand New. 70% Off! $12.95
Handbook of US Coins
Handbook of United States Coins With Premium List by R.S. Yeoman, Hardcover, 1961. Has mint quantities for all US coins 1793 to 1960. Also how coins are produced, mints, location of mint marks, distinguishing marks, and coin standards. Fully illustrated. Super Sale $4.95
2001 North American Coins
2001 North American Coins and Prices: U.S., Canadian & Mexican. Paperback. Complete reference for all federal coin issues of the U.S., Canada and Mexico conveniently listed in an easy-to-use date and denominational order. Covers the new state quarters. Large illustrations of every coin and a large section on grading. Brand New $11.95
Striking Impressions
Striking Impressions: The Royal Canadian Mint & Canadian Coinage by James A. Haxby, Hardcover, 1983. A history that begins when trading was done with furs and money was in short supply. You're taken through setting up an early mint and finally to the present day. With stories behind modern circulating coins and special issues. Brand New, $3.49

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