Fluke 1587 Hybrid Insulation Tester and Digital
Multimeter ~ BRAND NEW IN CASE

Fluke 1587 Hybrid Insulation Tester and Digital Multimeter
Everything is just as it came from the factory—the meter still has its protective film, the twist tie on the test leads has never been undone, and the CD-ROM and accessories are still in their plastic zip bag. You're buyuing a BRAND NEW factory-sealed meter with a list price of $691.49.

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The Fluke 1587 combines a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, true RMS digital multimeter in a single, compact, handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. For added protection, live circuit detection prevents insulation test if under 30 V is detected.

DC voltage range6 V to 1000 V
DC voltage accuracy±0.09% of reading + 2 digit
AC voltage range600 mV to 1000 V
AC voltage accuracy±1% of reading + 3 digits
AC current range60 mA, 400 mA
AC current accuracy±1.5% of reading + 2 digits
Resistance range600Ω to 50 MΩ
DC current range60 mA, 400 mA
DC current accuracy±0.2% of reading + 2 digits
Resistivity accuracy0.9% of reading + 2 digits
Capacitance range1000 nF to 9999 µF
Capacitance accuracy±1.2% of reading + 2 digits
Frequency range99.99 Hz to 99.99 kHz
Frequency accuracy±0.1% of reading + 1 digit
Temp range-40 to 998°F (-40 to 537°C)
Temp accuracy±1% + 18 counts
ComplianceCAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
Powerfour AA batteries (included)
Dimensions4"W x 8"L x 2"D
Warranty3 years from factory
Fluke 1587 Hybrid Insulation Tester and Multimeter ~ BRAND NEW IN CASE
Fluke 1587 Hybrid Insulation Tester and Multimeter ~ BRAND NEW IN CASE

The kit includes a remote probe, test leads, alligator clips, K-type thermocouple, four AA alkaline batteries, quick reference guide, CD-ROM with manual all included in a soft vinyl zipper case that allows you to bring everything you need for the job!

List Price of the Fluke 1587 complete kit is $691.49. Most Internet dealers charge $568.00 and the best Internet price is $488.00. SOLD.

Packaging and postage via USPS Parcel Post is only my out-of pocket cost to ship the meter kit, which weighs 8 pounds. I'm not like some Internet sellers who screw you on the shipping charges. On this item, I ship to the U.S. and Canada only.

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