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“Remember Pearl Harbor” covers

        This is a selection of 63 covers on the theme, "Remember Pearl Harbor," 35 of which are cancelled on later anniversaries of December 7, 1941. The remainder have "Remember Pearl Harbor" in the cachet or cancel. The descriptions note the cachet maker and other relevant facts about the cover. Early usages of the slogan are very scarce today.
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35 Covers Below Are Cancelled on December 7 Anniversary Dates
Huss cachet, 1st and 50th anniv cancels
RP1. Huss cachet, 1st and 50th anniv cancels, SOLD
Boone cachet, 1st anniv
RP2. Boone cachet, 1st anniv, SOLD
1st anniv, cachet 1st soldier killed
RP3. 1st anniv, cachet 1st soldier killed, censored, SOLD
Sayama cachet, 1st anniv
RP4. Etsuo Sayama cachet, 1st anniv, bold backstamp, SOLD
Crosby, thermographed
RP62. 1st Anniv, Crosby thermograph, $20.00
4 subs sunk
RP6. Groton cancel where 4 sunk subs were built, SOLD
Crosby cachet
RP7. Crosby cachet for Pearl, Midway, Wake, Manila, SOLD
RP8. Linto cachet, 19 of 47, Liberty, KS cancel, SOLD
Battleship New Jersey launched
RP9. Battleship New Jersey launched on 1st anniv, Scarce! $8.00
Buxton Cachet, slogan cancel
RP10. Buxton hand drawn cachet, 2nd anniv cancel, $25.00
Cachet Craft, plate block
RP11. Cachet Craft, plate block, 2nd anniv, SOLD
Cachet Craft
RP12. Cachet Craft, free APO mail, censored, SOLD
Sayama 2nd anniv
RP13. Etsuo Sayama, 2nd anniv, censored, SOLD
Sayama, 2nd anniv
RP14. Etsuo Sayama, 2nd anniv, SOLD
Boone, 2nd anniv
RP15. Boone, 2nd anniv, SOLD
Crosby thermographed
RP16. Crosby thermographed, 2nd anniv, SOLD
Victory EnVelopes
RP17. Victory EnVelopes, 2nd anniv, SOLD
Sayama, 3rd anniv
RP18. Etsuo Sayama, 3rd anniv, + rubber stamp, SOLD
Sayama, 3rd anniv
RP19. Etsuo Sayama, 3rd anniv, backstamp, SOLD
Sayama, 3rd anniv
RP20. Sayama, 3rd anniv, Pearl City cancel, SOLD
Sayama, 3rd anniv
RP21. Sayama, 3rd anniv, Pearl City cancel, SOLD
F E Howe
RP22. F E Howe cachet with typed 3rd anniv, SOLD
RP23. Poppenger, 3rd anniv, SOLD
RP24. Poppenger, 3rd anniv, SOLD
RP25. Boone, 3rd anniv, SOLD
Thayer, USS Bronson
RP26. Thayer, USS Bronson, w/Jap stamps honoring pilots that raided Pearl, SOLD
Ralph Davis
RP27. Ralph Davis, 4th anniv, Tokio, TX cancel, SOLD
Ralph Davis
RP28. Ralph Davis, Tokio, OH, w/50th anniv cancel, SOLD
Sayama rubber stamps
RP29. Etsuo Sayama, 4th anniv rubber stamps, SOLD
Sayama, 4th anniv
RP30. Etsuo Sayama, 4th anniv, SOLD
Ralph Davis
RP31. Ralph Davis, Victory, VT, SOLD
K M C Venture
RP56. K M C Venture, 45th anniv, Nice! $4.00
K M C Venture
RP32. K M C Venture, 50th anniv, SOLD
RP33. Colorano, 50th anniv cancel, $4.00
Color ink jet print
RP34. Color ink jet print, 60th anniv, $3.00
Covers Below Are Cancelled on Dates Other Than December 7
Early slogan cancel
RP35. Early slogan cancel, 12/26/41, SOLD
Harrington, early
RP36. Harrington, earliest printed cachet, 1/29/42, Rare! $8.00
RP37. Harrington, early, 3/25/43, $6.00
RP38. Montigny, USS Finback, 1st day service, SOLD
Roberts, meter slogan
RP39. Roberts, earliest meter slogan cancel, 2/23/42, SOLD
Slogan cancel
RP40. Slogan cancel w/Wake and Hawaii, SOLD
RP42. Poppenger, SOLD
Dime Stores
RP43. Dime Stores, Censor tape on back, SOLD
RP44. Crosby, flag thermograph, $12.00
Cachet Craft
RP45. Cachet Craft, SOLD
Cachet Craft
RP46. Cachet Craft, SOLD
Cachet Craft
RP47. Cachet Craft, SOLD
Fay Muridge
RP48. Fay Muridge, USCS, $9.00
RP49. Crosby thermograph, $10.00
RP50. Boone, w/China 5c stamp, SOLD
Albrecht rubber stamp
RP53. Albrecht rubber stamp, SOLD
RP54. Boone, postwar, SOLD
Corner card
RP55. Corner card, unusual, $5.00
Crosby, thermographed
RP57. Crosby thermographed, $8.00
Ralph Davis
RP59. Ralph Davis, $6.00
RP60. Boone, SOLD
RP61. Fagenson, Coast Guard Sta. $5
Victory EnVelope
FN08. Victory EnVelope, Grenada, BWI, 5/11/43, $20.00
Covers cancelled on the day of
the attack, December 7, 1941,
will be found on the page of
Event Covers: Prewar through 1941
Navy Dept, 12/8/41
E142. From Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station, sent 12/3/41, received 12/6/41, SOLD
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