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Patriotic Postal Covers ~ WWII Events 1939-1941

        This is a group of 47 covers commemorating specific war events of 1939-41. Most of the major cachet-makers were not active until 1944 and 1945, so it is very difficult to find covers for specific events in the early years of the war. Many of these covers were made by individuals for themselves; they are one of a kind and, of course, are very scarce today. They are listed below in date order.
          Please order by cover number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by cover number (E125, E138, etc.)
E91. USS Astoria in Japan, handmade by Frank Batts, $40.00
Selective Service Act, handmade
E010. Set of 4 covers for Selective Service Act, unique, SOLD
Linto add-on, 28 of 40
E101. Linto 2-line add-on on later env. for 1/1/41, $20.00
E102-E122. Unique set of 21 covers by G.B. Wheeler, each with orig newspaper clipping enclosed. Unbelievable find! Only one set made, SOLD Wheeler env
E102. US tells Japan to back down. Crisis in Far East.
G.B. Wheeler set
E103. Churchill asserts US is near war.
G.B. Wheeler set
E104. President asks for price controls.
G.B. Wheeler set
E105. Apology from Japan, bombing ship.
G.B. Wheeler set
E106. Churchill Roosevelt conference.
G.B. Wheeler set
E107. Japan demands Ecuador apologize.
G.B. Wheeler set
E108. US cruisers visit Australia, warn Japan.
G.B. Wheeler set
E109. Senate extends draft term.
G.B. Wheeler set
E110. US to seize Kearny Shipyard.
G.B. Wheeler set
E111. Warning of increasing peril of war.
G.B. Wheeler set
E112. Joint action against Japan possible.
G.B. Wheeler set
E113. Churchill pact at sea to check Nazis.
G.B. Wheeler set
E114. President curbs time payments.
G.B. Wheeler set
E115. Roosevelt Churchill meet at sea.
G.B. Wheeler set
E116. 8-point plan for better world.
G.B. Wheeler set
E117. Roosevelt, Hull confer on orient.
G.B. Wheeler set
E118. German forces 75 mi from Leningrad.
G.B. Wheeler set
E119. Russia hard pressed by Nazis.
G.B. Wheeler set
E120. FDR sees war still on in 1943.
G.B. Wheeler set
E121. General hits stupid troop tactics.
G.B. Wheeler set
E122. Lamberton dies at summer home.
Air env Pearl Harbor to DC
E123. Air env Pearl Harbor to Wash DC, 12/5/41, SOLD
Japan declares war on US
E124. Japan declares war on US, Fidelity card, 12/7/41, SOLD
Outbreak of war, A.M. Roberts
E125. A.M. Roberts cachet, 12/7/41, SOLD
USS Washington, 12/7/41
E126. 12/7/41, USS Washington, scarce, SOLD
Fake backdated cancel, 12/7/41
E127. Fake backdated cancel, 12/7/41, (often sold for $250) SOLD
Empire State Express, 12/7/41
E128. Empire State Express, w/enclosure, 12/7/41, $75.00
Fidelity, US declares war
E129. Fidelity, US declares war, 12/8/41, SOLD
USS Griffin, 12/8/41
E130. USS Griffin, US-Jap War Declared, 12/8/41, $60.00
USS Sailfish, 12/8/41
E131. USS Sailfish, Taps for the Japs, 12/8/41, SOLD
USS Sailfish, 12/8/41
E132. USS Sailfish, Taps for the Japs, 12/8/41, SOLD
Weeks, 12/8/41
E133. Weeks Stamp Shop, 12/8/41, rare, $90.00
Fleetwood, 12/8/41
E134. Fleetwood, 12/8/41, $75.00
Fleetwood/Staehle, 12/8/41
E135. Fleetwood by Staehle, w/enclosure, 12/8/41, SOLD
Fleetwood/Staehle, 12/8/41
E136. Fleetwood by Staehle, 12/8/41, SOLD
Roberts, war declared, 12/11/41
E138. Roberts, 12/11/41, $45.00
Fleetwood, 12/11/41
E137. Fleetwood, war declared, w/enclosure, 12/11/41, SOLD
Fleetwood/Staehle card
Enclosure card from E137 by Ludwig Staehle
Fidelity card, 12/13/41
E139. Fidelity card, 12/13/41, SOLD
Fidelity card, 12/22/41
E140. Fidelity card, 12/22/41, SOLD
B-19 first flight
E141. First flight of Douglas B-19
super bomber, 6/27/41, $45.00
Letter from Pearl Harbor to Wash DC, 12/3/41 to 12/8/41
E142. Letter from Pearl Harbor to
Wash DC, 12/3/41 - 12/8/41, SOLD

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