USCS Log ~ 39 Issues ~ Jan 2005 to Mar 2008

USCS Log, March 2008 USCS Log ~ 39 Issues ~
Jan 2005-Mar 2008

The USCS Log is the newsletter of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, a group of collectors dedicated to the study and collecting of naval and related covers, cancels, and postal history. Each 32-page issue has 15 regular columns and between 5 and 10 articles and special features. Some of the popular columns include Out of the Past, Naval News, Coast Guard News, Auctions, For Beginning Members, and current ship addresses in the Make Your Own Covers column. Back issues from the Society cost $2.00 each so these 39 issues would cost $78.00 from the USCS. Here's your chance to get themn cheaper than dirt. This is a fabulous resource for anyone collecting (or thinking about collecting) naval postal covers, FDCs, or any related postal history.

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