AAII Journal ~ 134 Issues ~ 1993-2008

AAII Journal ~ 134 Issues ~ 1993-2008

AAII Journal ~ Your Guide to Investing ~ 134 Issues ~ 1993-2008 ~ $250 postpaid.

This is a humongous collection of 134 issues of AAII Journal, the monthly publication of the American Association of Individual Investors. It includes every issue from January 1993 to date. Articles in AAII Journal are not outdated stock tips, but rather the articles cover every aspect of how to invest intelligently in stocks, mututal funds, bonds, preferreds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), and foreign markets. The journal looks at the approaches of successful people like Warren Buffett, Marty Zweig, John Neff, Philip Fisher, and many more. Recent articles included the core approach to building an effective ETF portfolio, how to screen common stocks for uncommon profits, a do-it-yourself approach to target date retirement investing, best investment sites on the net, finding opportunities in a fallen sector, all about international bond funds, stock indexes and how they work, what it takes to reach a net return goal, how earnings estimates affect stock prices, survival guide for investing in small caps, how to benchmark your portfolio, growth versus value stocks, what's the meaning of "yield?", a look at fixed rate capital securities, and many more. There is no advertising in each 64-page issue, just lots of solid, practical information that you can use today. A one-year membership in the AAII costs $49, so these 16 years of magazines are worth nearly $800. Here's your chance to get an invaluable guide for investing, over 8,500 pages of practical material, for only $250.00 postpaid (in USA only).

If you have any savings at all, if you own or have ever thought about buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or if you have an IRA, 401k, or other retirement plan, you need these magazines. I also have historic issues of Fortune from the 30's and 40's. E-mail me for details.

For shipping, I will send the magazines by USPS Media Mail absolutely FREE! to any address in the USA. I'm not like some Internet sellers who build big profits into shipping and screw the buyer.

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