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The Jesus We Don’t Know
Introduction and Discussion Questions

      Many people feel that questions about Jesus such as the ones below are irrelevant, that Jesus is defined by what he taught and questions of what he looked like, his occupation, whether he was rich or poor, and his personality are unimportant.
      One reason for looking at these seeming silly questions of height, appearance, and occupation is that when you meet someone for the first time today, you get some first impressions, usually in a few seconds, based on their appearance, bearing, and initial ‘small talk.’ Surely people drew similar inferences back in Biblical days. As time went on, Jesus’ reputation preceding him, but it is likely that in the beginning, people looked at Jesus the same way you might look at a new person who showed up at your club meeting, walked by your house while you’re raking leaves, or cautiously visited your church for the first time.
      The problem with asking these questions about Jesus is that in most cases we don’t and can’t know the answers. We can draw some inferences, make some best guesses, and look at both Biblical and secular writings—and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Skip these questions and that’s fine—discussing them is not going to change Jesus’ message to you by one iota, it probably won’t change your faith, and it won’t affect the fact that God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to earth to die for your sins so you can have eternal life.
      [PDF files which you can print are available of Introduction and Questions and the 30 Faces of Jesus. Also available is a 5-page Leader's Guide with answers and discussion. Click to download the one(s) you want.]
30 Faces of Jesus

1. Did Jesus have a beard?
A. Yes            B. Beard and mustache           C. No, he was clean shaven

2. Did Jesus have:
A. Long hair               B. Short hair               C. Receding hairline

3. Was Jesus:
A. Short                      B. Average height       C. Tall

4. Was Jesus:
A. Handsome              B. Average                 C. Ugly

5. Could Jesus read or write?
A. Yes                        B. Very little               C. No

6. Was Jesus:
A. Slender                   B. Average build        C. Chubby

7. What was Jesus’ occupation?
A. Carpenter               B. Scholar                   C. Rabbi                     D. Architect

8. Was Jesus:
A. Poor                       B. Moderate income               C. Rich

9. Where did the English name Jesus come from?

10. When was Jesus born?
A. December 25         B. January 6                C. In the spring           D. In the fall

"The Jesus We Don't Know"
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