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Tablet running MOTB software The Museum of the Bible (Washington, DC) along with Compedia in Israel has developed an extraordinary new curriculum to teach about the Bible in a whole new way. Innovative content design and hundreds of interactive media elements—including augmented reality presenting 3-D models and maps—help students and others have an engaging and meaningful learning experience. This curriculum has been tested in Israel in depth for three years and will be used this year by more than 100,000 students in several hundred schools. The two-year curriculum is in four books with a total of 108 lessons.

I'm David Ahl and I currently lead Bible studies at the Market Street Mission in Morristown, NJ for groups of men recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. My intention is to use a slightly modified version of this curriculum in these studies. To do so requires that we have a computer tablet to loan to each man in the program. Initially, we will start with a group of 20. The software will run on either an Apple iPad 3 (or higher) or Android 5.0 or 5.1 tablet (Samsung, ASUS, etc) with at least 1.5 memory, 16gb of storage and a 7.9" screen. See donation form for complete hardware requirements.

If you have a tablet sitting around gathering dust, please print off the donation form below and send your tablet for an extended life at the Market Street Mission. Your donation is fully tax deductable.

Acceptable Android brands include: Samsung, Acer, Asus, Google Nexus, HP, Lenovo, LG, NVIDIA, and Sony. Marginal ones include: Dragon Touch, Nextbook, RCA, and Teclast. Sorry, but we cannot accept: Ematic, Gold Tech, Insignia, Kurio, Medion, NuVision, Skytex, Talent Grant Tech, Trinity, Trio, Visual Land, XO Vision, and unbranded Chinese tablets. No Amazon Fire or Microsoft Windows.

  Click for a Tablet Donation Form (PDF)  
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