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Naval Postal Covers ~ 1934 to 2000 ~ Mostly WWII

        On this page you will find 85 covers and picture postcards of naval ships and submarines from 1934 to 2000, but mostly in the WWII period. There are covers by Sadworth, Hutnick, Mueller, Linto, Weigand, and other well-known cachet makers. You will also find an additional 75 Naval Covers (pre-WWII and WWII) on the page of Holiday Patriotic Covers.
          Please order by cover number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by cover number (N05, N48, etc.)
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N01. USS Dewey, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Linto, 2 of 20, $15.00

N02. USS Arizona, San Pedro, CA, 7/4/35, SOLD

N03. USS Seal, keel laid, Hutnick. Scott 634EE early use. $20.00

N04. Asiatic Fleet, Shanghai, St. Patrick's Day, 1940. SOLD

N05. USS Alden, Asiatic Fleet, Hong Kong, 4/28/40. SOLD

N06. USS North Carolina commissioned, Mueller hand painted. SOLD

N07. "The Pirate Ship," USS Mississippi?, 8/26/41. SOLD

N08. USS President Adams, Weigand hand painted. Cancel 3 days before Pearl Harbor. $30.00

N09. Atlantic Fleet Service School, Virginia Beach. Sadworth thermograph. $9.00

N10. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N11. US Fleet. Lupton. SOLD

N12. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N13. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N14. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N15. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N16. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N17. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N18. US Fleet. Lupton. $8.00

N19. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N20. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N21. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N22. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N23. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N24. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N25. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N26. Yontz thermograph. $15.00

N27. Sadworth thermograph. $15.00

N28. USS Frybarger launch, Crosby thermo. $15.00

N29. USS Segundo launch, G.J. Contraros. $12.00

N30. Boone. SOLD

N31. Parker. $7.00

N32. USS Holt launch. Minkus. SOLD

N33. USS Parle launch. Lupton. $9.00

N34. USS Gosselin launch. $9.00

N35. Destroyer Mail. Sadworth. $12.00

N36. Destroyer Mail. Sadworth. $12.00

N37. USS Sprig launch. $9.00

N38. M. Fay Muridge. $8.00

N39. Destroyer Mail. Sadworth. $12.00

N40. USS California. $8.00

N41. USS New Mexico. $8.00

N42. USS Indianapolis. $8.00

N43. USS Portland. $8.00

N44. USS Honolulu. $12.00

N45. USS Flusser. $12.00

N46. US Coast Guard. Sadworth. SOLD

N47. W.B. Heckman. $7.00

N48. USS Bushnell built 1915. $7.00

N49. USS Guadalupe, Viet Nam. SOLD

N50. USS Higbee, Viet Nam. SOLD

N51. USS Colonial, Viet Nam. SOLD

N52. USS John Willis, Navy Day. $8.00

N53. USS Elrod. Kribbs hand paint. $15

N54. Mare Island conversion. $5.00

N55. USS New Jersey Museum. $5.00

N56. S-Class sub. Set of 5 FDCs. $18.00

N57. Los Angeles class sub. Panda cachet.

N58. Ohio Class submarine.

N59. USS Holland (SS1) first sub.

N60. Gato Class (WWII)
N61. FDC of booklet pane of 5 submarine stamps, Scott 3377a (3373-3377), 3/27/2000, Farnum engraved color cachet. $15.00
N62. USPS 16-page booklet w/two panes of 5 submarine stamps each. Face value $9.80. Your price, only SOLD

N63. The story of the USS Stewart ("Old China Station"). Exhibit page, with 2 covers. SOLD

N64. Rescue by USS Searaven. Exhibit page, with Sadworth and Buchwald covers. $20.00

N65. USS Lexington story: sinking and launch. Exhibit page, with scarce Hinzpeter launch cover. $12.00

N66. FDC of POW/MIA stamp, 7/29/95 on USCS card for USS New Jersey. SOLD

Also N67. 8½x11 USCS card for future use.$1.00

N71. C-class sub C-2 built in 1908, print. $1.00

N72. Guppy sub at New London, postcard. $1.50

N73. Two Tench-class subs, USS Runner and ? $1.50

N74. USS Ling, NJ Naval Museum. $1.50

N75. USS Ling control room. $1.50

N76. USS Albacore experimental sub. $1.50

N77. USS Cod Museum, Cleveland, OH. $1.00

N78. 7 subs with tenders, Norfolk, VA. $1.00

N79. Turkish sub Burak Reis (ex-USS Sea Fox). $2.00

N80. USS Theodore Roosevelt, Operation Enduring Freedom. $1.50

N81. USS New Jersey. $1.50

N82. USS New Jersey. $1.50

N83. USS New Jersey task group. $1.50

N84. USS G. Washington & SSN-663. $1.50

N85. USS Sea Dog launch souvenir (heavy foil). SOLD

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