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World War II Postal History
Foreign (non-USA) Patriotic Postal Covers

        This is a selection of 48 covers used in countries other than the USA or with a foreign theme on the cachet. I'm sorry to say that 20 Canadian covers sold before I even got them listed, so there are only 19 covers remaining. Patriotic collectors will recognize that these covers are extremely scarce and very seldom seen on the market.
          Please order by cover number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by cover number (FN3, FN12, etc.)
Unknown cachet #212
FN01. British flag in heart shape, 10/17/43, $12.00
Unknown cachet
FN02. Bulldog, UK flags, censored, Caserta, Italy, $20.00
Unknown cachet
FN18. Bulldog, UK flag, Camp Sibert, AL, $12.00
Unknown cachet
FN19. UK flags, shields in elaborate frame, $12.00
Ray Davis cachet
FN03. Ray Davis cachet, Canal Zone, w/note enclosure, SOLD
FN04. Japanese New Year card, 1938, (click image to see both sides) $6.00
FN05. Japanese New Year card, 1938, (click image to see both sides) $6.00
Polish souvenir
FN06. 1st anniv of US troops in UK, 1/26/43, second cancel from Polish Field P.O., RARE! $40.00
Victory EnVelope
FN07. Victory EnVelope, Bournmouth, 5/16/43, censored, $25.00
Victory EnVelope
FN08. Victory EnVelope, Grenada, BWI, 5/11/43, SOLD
Unknown cachet
FN09. Unk cachet, India to US, 10/27/44, censored, SOLD
NZ cachet
FN10. NZ cachet, New Zealand to US, censored, 12/16/43, $20.00
Victory EnVelope
FN11. Victory EnVelope, NZ to US, censored, 6/9/43, SOLD
E.J. Garrick
FN12. E.J. Garrick, New Zealand to US, 5/28/45, $20.00
Rubber stamps
FN13. Rubber stamps, 1st day of peace in Europe, 5/8/45, NZ to US, $30.00
Len Johns
FN16. Len Johns, New Zealand to US, 8/11/45, Japan accepts peace terms the previous day, SOLD
NZ Flag
FN14. NZ Flag, New Zealand to US, 9/27/45, $15.00
Cachet Craft
FN15. Cachet Craft, from US-occupied Poczta, Poland to US, censored, 6/12/45, FANTASTIC! SOLD
FN17. Day of Japan surrender, 8/15/45, ONLY known patriotic cover produced in Burma! SOLD
Meter tape
FN20. Canada meter tape "Win the War" 4/10/41, way before US entered war, SOLD
Metered, Canada
FN21. Canada meter slogan from
early in the war, 6/17/41, SOLD
FN22. Canadian FDC cachet used as patriotic, SOLD
Good Neighbours
FN23. Canada cachet, USN cancel, Jan 1, 1945, SOLD
From Cuba
FN24. Envelope reads, "Donation to the American and Canadian Armed Forces" from Havana, Cuba, 11/7/44. Wonderful piece of postal history. SOLD

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