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Patriotic Postal Covers ~ WWII Events 1943

        This is a group of 132 covers by Fidelity, Linto, Staehle, Boone, Zunks, and others commemorating specific war events of 1943, not just covers canceled in 1943 that many dealers promote as 1943 patriotic covers. Most of the major cachet-makers were not active until 1944 and 1945, so it is very difficult to find covers for specific events in the early years of the war. Many of these covers are very scarce today. They are listed below in date order.
          Please order by cover number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by cover number (E302, E325, etc.)
E301. Staehle/Smart Craft, SOLD
Linto, 7 of 15
E302. Linto, 7 of 15, $35.00
Fidelity env
E303. Fidelity env, $35.00
Fidelity env
E304. Fidelity env, $35.00
Fidelity env
E305. Fidelity env, $35.00
Sayama, censored
E306. Sayama, censored stamp on back, rare, SOLD
Jap Port Moresby Raid in killer bars
E307. Jap Pt Moresby Raid in killer bars, $35.00
Linto, 13 of 26
E308. Linto, 13 of 26, SOLD
Linto, 3 of 25
E309. Linto, 3 of 15, SOLD
Linto, 11 of 30
E310. Linto, 11 of 30, $25.00
Fidelity env
E311. Fidelity env, $30.00
Boone env
E312. Boone env, SOLD
Linto, 12 of 15
E313. Linto, 12 of 15, $30.00
Linto, 18 of 25
E314. Linto, 18 of 25, $12.00
Linto, 14 of 25
E315. Linto, 14 of 25, $20.00
Boone env
E316. Boone env, SOLD
Linto, 12 of 15
E317. Linto, 12 of 15, $30.00
Boone env
E318. Boone env, SOLD
Crosby, Sicily invasion
E319. Crosby, Sicily invasion, SOLD
Crosby, Sicily invasion
E320. Crosby, Sicily invasion, $30.00
Linto, 24 of 25
E321. Linto, 24 of 25, $25.00
Fidelity env
E322. Fidelity env, $30.00
Fidelity env
E323. Fidelity env, $30.00
Boone env
E324. Boone env, SOLD
Fidelity env
E325. Fidelity env, $30.00
Staehle, Smart Craft, Canada
E326. Staehle, Smart Craft, Canada, SOLD
Fidelity env
E327. Fidelity env, $30.00
Cuzbay fraud?
E328. Backdated fake?, $35.00
Fidelity env
E329. Fidelity env, $30.00
Fidelity env
E330. Fidelity env, $30.00
Cuzbay fraud?
E331. Cuzbay fraud?, $35.00
Fidelity env
E332. Fidelity env, $30.00
Order of Zunks
E333. Order of Zunks, SOLD
E334. McCluney, seldom seen, $25.00
Staehle, dated, Ike only
E335. Staehle, dated, Ike only, SOLD
Andrews cachet, scarce
E336. Andrews cachet, scarce, $25.00
Andrews cachet, scarce
E337. Andrews cachet, scarce, $25.00
Boone env
E338. Boone env, SOLD
Fidelity env
E339. Fidelity env, $30.00
Fidelity env
E340. Fidelity env, $30.00
Linto, 10 of 15
E341. Linto, 10 of 15, $25.00
Staehle, Italy joins Allies
E342. Staehle, Italy joins Allies SOLD
Order of Zunks
E343. Order of Zunks, $30.00
Fidelity env
E344. Fidelity env, $30.00
Fidelity env
E345. Fidelity env, $30.00
E346. Teixeira, signed, censored, SOLD
Fidelity env
E347. Fidelity env, $30.00
Fidelity env
E348. Fidelity env, SOLD
Fidelity env
E349. Fidelity env, $30.00
Staehle, Smart Craft
E350. Staehle, Smart Craft, SOLD
E351. Staehle, review of 1943, SOLD
Staehle, Eisenhower Staehle, Montgomery Staehle, Patton Staehle, Clark
E352. Ludwig Staehle produced a set of four covers for the 1943 invasion of Sicily with images of Generals Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, and Clark. This scarce set of all four covers, canceled at different APOs in 1944, with Army Examiner markings is priced at only $110.00. SOLD
Additional Patriotic covers by William S. Linto (not pictured)
E3561/26/43Churchill and Roosevelt Confer at Casablanca, 11 of 16$25.00
E3572/14/43Russians Captured Rostov, 5 of 15$25.00
E3582/16/43Russians Captured Kharkov, 3 of 15$25.00
E3593/3/4322 Jap Ships Sunk, 5 of 15$25.00
E3624/4/43Congress can solve manpower shortage. 133 U.S. Planes Bomb Paris (in cancel), 25 of 35$25.00
E3634/18/43Hirohito wants to be Very Happy. Wasp Stung Rats One Year Ago (in cancel), 1 of 26SOLD
E3644/20/43Measure your patriotism with Bonds. R.F.D. in Mexico (in killer bars), 19 of 35$15.00
E3654/25/43Do not patronize black markets. Dace Launched (in killer bars), 19 of 25$15.00
E3664/25/43Hitler Says Ranger Sunk, 1 of 25SOLD
E3674/27/43Buy bonds today. Allies 23 Miles from Tunis (in killer bars), 13 of 20$15.00
E3684/28/43Blast the Axis now. Allies 21 Miles from Tunis (in killer bars), 41 of 50SOLD
E3695/9/43Who ever saw a Real American-Jap? Sub Shells Jap Coast (in killer bars), 3 of 25$15.00
E3705/12/43Battle in Africa Won by Allies, Von Arnim Captured, 10 of 15SOLD
E3735/19/43African Victory Day, Next Berloin. 11 of 15$25.00
E3755/22/43Stalin Dessilves the Comintern in interest of int'l peace, 7 of 12SOLD
E3765/30/43American Flag Again Flies Over Island of Attu, 10 of 15$25.00
E3776/1/43Second Coal Miners' Strike Started, 4 of 15$15.00
E3796/3/43Roosevelt Orders Coal Miners Back to Work, 3 of 15$15.00
E3806/10/43Make Ickes Japs' Custodian at his own expense, 16 of 24SOLD
E3816/10/43PC-622 Decommissioned, Roosevelt Gives ship to Greeks, 14 of 15$15.00
E3826/11/43Roosevelt signs "Pay-As-You-Go" Income Tax Bill, 7 of 15$15.00
E3836/11/43Pantelleria Occupied, African Victory, On to Berlin. 9 of 15$20.00
E3846/12/43Thank God you on the home front... USS Grampus Reported Lost (in cancel), 11 of 25$15.00
E3856/12/43Remember, Buy Bonds. USS Amberjack Reported Lost (in cancel), 20 of 25$15.00
E3866/12/43Buy Bonds today. Lampedusa Occupied (in cancel), 10 of 24$12.00
E3876/12/43Lampedusa and Linosa Islands Surrender to Allies, 11 of 15$20.00
E3896/20/43Race Riots in Detroit, Mich., 5 of 15$15.00
E3906/20/43Coal Miners Strike for the Third Time, 6 of 15$15.00
E3916/22/43Union Chiefs Order Coal Miners Back to Work, 8 of 15$15.00
E3926/23/43Beware of black markets. USS Quincy Launched (in cancel), 10 of 25$15.00
E3946/25/43Congress Votes No-Strike Bill Into Law Over Roosevelt's Veto, 6 of 15$15.00
E3956/25/43Buy Bonds today. Anti-Strike Bill is the Law (in cancel), 21 of 25$12.00
E3976/26/43Senate and Congress Kill OPA Roll Back Plan, 8 of 15$12.00
E3987/6/43Buy Bonds today. USS Helen Sunk (in killer bars)$15.00
E3997/6/43Nazis Open Third Major Summer Offensive Against Russia, 12 of 15$25.00
Ev3017/7/43Roosevelt, Giraud Meet in Washington, 6th Anniv of China-Jap War, 12 of 15$15.00
Ev3027/13/43Hold the line to prevent inflation, Martinique Joins Allies (in cancel), 7 of 25$12.00
Ev3037/17/43$25 for $18.75. Italy Refuses to Surrender (in cancel), 24 of 25$25.00
Ev3047/19/43Calling all dollars. Yanks Bomb Rome (in killer bars), 25 of 31$25.00
Ev3059/13/43Round Three Invasion Bond Drive. 2-line add-on: Buckingham Palace Bombed by German Air Raiders, 33 of 36$20.00
Ev3079/18/43Thank you Mr Ickes for Securing Truce in Miners' Strike, 9 of 27$12.00
Ev3099/21/43South Italy an arc from Salerno to Bari in Allied Hands, 14 of 15$25.00
Ev3109/27/43What are we fighting for? Japs buying lard in Oregon. 2-line add-on: Victory Fleet Day, Sept 27, 19436 of 32SOLD
Ev3119/27/43Victory Fleet Day, buy Victory Bonds. 2-line add-on: 9/27/40 Japs sign with Axis, 9/27/39 Germans Capture Warsaw, 11 of 40SOLD
Ev31210/12/43Prevent Fires. 2-line add-on: Columbus Day, Oct 12, 1943, Portugal Grants Allies Bases at Azores, 38 of 38$20.00
Ev31610/25/43Dnieper Bastions Fall to Russians, held by Nazis over 2 years, 8 of 15$25.00
Ev31710/27/43Now more than ever, Buy More Bonds, 2-line add-on: 10/27/41 Roosevelt said, "The shooting has started." 31 of 32SOLD
Ev31810/27/43Ev318 to Ev325 are Cachet variations of Ev318SOLD
Ev32610/27/43Navy Day. 2-line add-on: US Planes bomb Lungling in western Yunnan province, 30 of 41$20.00
Ev32711/2/43Tule Lake, CA, Interned Japs start trouble, 1 of 15SOLD
Ev32812/2/4317 Allied Ships Sunk by Germans at Bari, Italy, 2 of 15$25.00
Ev32912/27/43Did democracy fade out with the New Deal? 2-line add-on: 12/27/43-German Battleship Scarnhorst sunk by British, 38 of 39$20.00
Ev33012/27/43Same as Ev329 with Liberty Bell cachet$20.00
Ev33112/28/43Dillon Myer thinks he is the social uplifter for the slimy Jap rats! 2-line add-on: Rationing of canned goods announced, 19 of 41SOLD
Ev33312/28/43Same add-on as Ev331 w/Walter Winchell cachet, 7 of 43$12.00

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