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British and European WWII Anniversary Covers
of Notable Events of the War

        This is a selection of 47 gorgeous covers, the majority of which are silk images produced by Benham, Ltd, Kent, UK. I am offering them in five groups, all below the original price they were sold in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. These covers were all produced in limited quantities and most went to non-collectors, so they are very difficult to find today.
          Please order by lot number. Prices are cheap! They're way under dealer and auction prices. All covers will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.
       To make sure you get what you want, e-mail me at and I'll set aside the items you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal (pay to my account: Send your order with payment to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!
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Click on any image to see the cover full size. Order by lot number (Ben1, Ben2, etc.)
Ben1. Most Americans forget that the war started in 1939, so here's a memory jog. This beautiful album contains 29 covers commemorating the 50th anniversary of events from 1939 and 1940 starting with the German invasion of Poland, continuing with the invasions of Norway, Denmark, and the low countries, the evacuation from Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, and the battle of the Atlantic. Covers are from the UK and 7 European countries, all on gorgeous Benham silk cachets (11 of the 29 covers are shown here). Original price for these covers and album (holds 44 covers) was $183.20 and I'm selling it now for just $150 for everything!

Ben2. The spectacular oversize cover to the right is a Salute to the brave flyers who took part in the Battle of Britain from July to September 1940. Cover with five 20p stamps cancelled at Biggin Hill, Sept 11, 1990, 50 years after the end of the Battle of Britain. With informative insert. Original price $11.40, yours for just $9.95.

Ben3. Below are pictured four covers from an absolutely fabulous set of 12 colorful, oversize covers commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The covers tell the entire story of the battle from the early skirmishes in July to the turning back the major assaults in August. Each cover focuses on one type of aircraft and unit. Each cover has a colorful cachet, pictorial cancel, RAF base backstamp, and informative insert, and is signed by the commanding officer of the unit. The original price of the set of 12 covers was more than $100, but I'm selling the entire set of 12 for just $89.95.

Ben4. Pair of 25th anniversary of D-Day oversize covers from the two major jumping-off ports, Southampton and Portsmouth. Large pictorial cancels of 6 June 1969. Both covers for only $9.95!

Ben5. The three covers below commemorate the 30th anniversary of the heroic withdrawal from Dunkirk. Covers picture loading the ships in France, the fleet of "little ships", and the return to England. Produced in 1970 by the Dunkirk Veterans Association. Set of three covers and informative card. SOLD

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