Power Tool Drag Racing
Okay, so it's an absurd concept and the only place they've pulled it off so far is at the Ace Auto Int'l Speedway outside of San Francisco, CA. The races on May 11, 2003 were lots of fun with crazy dragsters made out of circular saws, drill motors, belt sanders, air compressors, and more. Unfortunately, in 2004, people went off on bizarre tangents and lost track of the original fun concept. Well, okay, they had lots of fun, but what happened to the tools? The photos here are from the "race" held on May 11, 2003 taken by Scott Beale. You can find 186 more of his photos at the web site, Power Tool Drag Races. You can also search Google for photos of the 2004 (and beyond?) races, but personally I wouldn't waste your time on it.
Power Tool Drag Races-1 Power Tool Drag Races-2
Power Tool Drag Races-3 Power Tool Drag Races-4
Power Tool Drag Races-5 Power Tool Drag Races-6
Power Tool Drag Races-7 Power Tool Drag Races-8
Power Tool Drag Races-14 Power Tool Drag Races-15
Power Tool Drag Races-9 Power Tool Drag Races-10
Power Tool Drag Races-11

Power Tool Drag Races-12
Power Tool Drag Races-13

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