Bizarre NASCAR Collectibles
Bizarre NASCAR collectibles

Okay, so I'm a huge NASCAR fan. Bad news: my wife hates it and every few years her birthday (Feb. 20) is the same day as the opening race at Daytona. No joy. Like most fans, I have some NASCAR collectibles (die-cast cars, T-shirts, posters, etc.). Then last Christmas, my daughter game me some NASCAR cookies and candies. Are you kidding? Cookies? Candies? But then I started keeping my eyes open for other unusual stuff. Yikes! My wife would evict me if I brought some these items in the house. Here are some of the more interesting things that I found.
  1. Beanbag chair. Claims to be 102" (8.5') diameter, but I'll bet it's circumference. A bargain at $58.95.
  2. Tiffany-style Tony Stewart desk lamp with "stained glass" shade. A mere $130.00.
  3. Car hood, 1/2 scale in aluminum, Kasey Kahne. Cheap at $100.00.
  4. Car profile rug, 3' long, Jeff Gordon. Durable enough for the kids. Only $30.00.
  5. Dale Earnhart recliner in black for watching the races on TV. Cough up $900.00 for this baby.
  6. Butter-flavored cookies, 3 shapes. $4.95 for a 7-oz box with a racetrack printed on the inside!
  7. Golf gloves, Dale Earnhart. Take 'em to the links for just $25.00.
  8. Acrylic candy dish with 8-oz of miniature chocolate cars. $10.00.
  9. Decanter jar for peanuts, tobacco, nuts & bolts, or what have you. Strangely priced at $9.15.
  10. NASCAR Monopoly Game with cards and properties to match the race circuits. $29.95.
  11. TV remote. Like who would switch away from the race? Huh? $35.00.
  12. Hendrick Motorsports fast food cookbook. My wife would love this. NOT! $19.95.
  13. Pillow (Mark Martin) 18" square filled with "pure cotton duct." (Need a proofreader?) $19.95.
  14. Computer mouse. Drive Bobby Labonte crazy for $40.00.
  15. Pewter Christmas ornaments, diver of your choice, for only $15.00 each.
  16. (not shown) Jelly lollypops for the outrageous price of 12 for $22.95.
And here is another page of stuff from the July 2007 issue of Automobile magazine.
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