Cover of the book, Legal Daisy Spacing Legal Daisy Spacing.
Reproduced below are some pages from the bizarre book and spoof on bureaucracy run amok in our natural environment. The book has 90 drawings with complete notes about the official Build-A-Planet program for subjugating nature and modernizing the universe. The books shows how Attractive Stellar Grids can space stars evenly, how overly colorful rainbows can be bleached, how tornadoes can be bottled, and pyramids laminated.

Written and illustrated by Christopher Winn, you'll find tools you can't begin to imagine for making our planet a safer, more hygenic, politically correct place to live. Published by William Heinemann, London, 1985, you'll finid it today on remainder racks where it may or may not belong.
Page from Legal Daisy Spacing Page from Legal Daisy Spacing
Page from Legal Daisy Spacing Page from Legal Daisy Spacing
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