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Before we get to my regular menu of thumbnails, here is a short menu of cat videos you might enjoy. This is a shorter list than on some other web sites because there are a lot of pretty poor videos out there in cyberspace. From them I've selected just the very best cat videos. The videos are in many different formats, but most of the sites on which they are located provide help in downloading the appropriate player if you don't have it. After each video ends (or before it ends if you get bored), click on the X in the top right corner to close the browser window and return here. (The BACK button will not get you back here.) Here, in no particular order, are the best cat videos on the web:
*Lap Dance Cartoon. Fantastic! One of the funniest, most entertaining cartoons of all time! (by Jim McNeill)
*Funny Cats Video Collection of the best cat and kitten snips woven together. The BEST!
*Litterbox Cat Rock Band performs "Marked Territory" (by Mat K at eyeEnvision)
* Kittens Punk Rock. Animated photos of kittens playing "Fall in Love With a Girl." (by Joel Veitch).
*Independent Woman. Kittens play a country music number in this animation (by Joel Veitch).
*Cat Herding Superbowl commercial by EDS. Hilarious, but takes a while to load.
*Kitty Boxing Teaser Kitten unwisely teases a cat by pretend boxing (Japanese)

These last three videos used to be on, but they've changed their format and these links no longer connect directly to the video. I've been told they are still there, but I don't know how to find them. Viewers?
*Cat On a Fan. Parody of a Nokia videophone commercial (short).
*Cat Scores a Goal. Portion of Barcardi Breezer commercial (short).
*Sleepy Kitty. Cute kitten falling asleep (very short).

And now, here's our next big menu of funny cat photos, cartoons , vintage comics, and free animations.
Clever Cat, mascot of Cheshire Schools Cat lovingt a rat? NOT! Cute cat raising its paw Cute kitten wonders what neuter means Cats With Hands comic strip by Joe Martin
Cute cat photo by Tiggerstales photos Photo of cat on a silk sheet New pics added every week. Photo of cute kitten on piano keys Cute Kitten on piano keyboard
I think you're dreamy cats photo Two photos of cats wearing hats Two more cats wearing hats Halloween pumpkin carved with a cat face Drawing of party cats
Funny cat photo 'One in every family' Cat all lathered up Godzilla kitten on the prowl Best friends - cat and horse Photo of two cats asleep together
5 Funny photos of cat emotions Photo of 3 cats with attitude Cat valentine cartoon T-shirt design of a group of cats T-shirt design of a chorus of cats
1800's drawing of kitten playing 1800's drawing of 3 cats 1800's drawing of cats and kittens 1800's drawing of mouse riding on a cat's back 1800's drawing of kittens playing with yarn
1800's drawing of cat playing with a mouse 1800's drawing of a cat sitting in a chair Cartoon of mice celebrating Free animations: cat winking & gray cat scrunching Funny photo of retarded cat?
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